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What’s New in NX for Manufacturing (June 2022) A new release of NX for Manufacturing is here! With NX 2206, you will encounter new capabilities as well as updated ones, enabling you and your company to reach new levels of productivity with NX for Manufacturing. In this blog, you will learn about the latest features [...]

June 22, 2022


The Art/Science of Data Translation  Overview Electronic transfer of files has become a normal operating procedure for many transactions However, in CAD applications the requested option for transfer often is an electronic blueprint, typically PDF format.  This transfer request is initiated by downstream operations such as purchasing requesting a quote. In the past shops relied [...]

June 17, 2022


Solid Edge 2022 User Perspective: Design Configurator Editor’s Note: This article is the third in a series of articles independently authored by Scott Wertel, a design engineer for Aerospace Research and Development Group, LLC. I wish I had this 20 years ago As a machine designer, I was often tasked with joining the sales team [...]

June 10, 2022


PDM or PLM? Why choose when one can lead to the other? PDM or PLM? What’s the difference between PDM and PLM? What do you need today? What will you need in the future? If you know you need to take control of engineering data and processes, you may be struggling to determine what kind of [...]

June 3, 2022


Overcoming Design Complexity with Increased Productivity from your CAD Solutions Manufacturers are under more pressure than ever to design innovative products. These products incorporate more electronic and software components. In a modern world, this means they are subject to increasingly stringent, requirements. The result? Added complexity for the design process; more complexity means more difficulty. [...]

May 23, 2022


Case Study: How NX Helps Airplane Manufacturers A Disruptive Change When George Bye was eight years old his mother took him on his first flight in a Piper Cub. He has been hooked on aviation ever since. First as a U.S. Air Force pilot and trainer, then as an aerospace engineer and teacher and now [...]

May 6, 2022


10 Ways to Live Sustainably in 2022 Sustainability is no longer some sort of quick fad, but truly a way of living to better our environment for the future. Swoosh is here to not only provide you with 10 quick tips about how you can live more sustainably in 2022, but also showcase companies like [...]

April 22, 2022


Automatic Feature Recognition in NX CAM (For Parts with Many Holes) Automatic Feature Recognition in NX CAM is the first step in automatic programming using feature-based machining (FBM). However, your organization may not require or have the resources to fully implement feature-based machining.   (Check out our 2020 blog on this HERE) The automatic feature [...]

April 8, 2022


The History of Data - Part III Where's my Data? - The "Information" Age In product data management discussions, we tend to focus on data...however there is more to consider if we require our data to be useful to the business.  In our two prior blogs, the more things change has a counterpart in the [...]

March 25, 2022


"NX CAM has allowed us to be more competitive by stabilizing our processes.  This allows us to have first time yields in the 90-percentile range with virtually no scrap." Jonathan Edwards, CAM Programmer iMFLUX CHALLENGES Meet shrinking timelines while maintaining pinpoint accuracy Reduce time to market for complex molds Minimize and optimize capital investment Offer [...]

March 11, 2022


Replacing Solid Edge file in Teamcenter with Import files Today we will discuss Solid Edge with imported stp file and adding them to Teamcenter. When working with a PLM or managed system like Teamcenter there are some use cases that do arises that require a bit of a different workflow than the usual creation methods [...]

March 4, 2022


How to Reposition an In-Process Workpiece in a Manufacturing File This blog is designed to assist CAM programmers in repositioning an In-Process Workpiece (IPW) using Assembly Constraints and Dynamic Positioning in a manufacturing part file, offering more flexibility during machine operation setup.  For example, a component may require a manufacturing process outside the machining process [...]

February 11, 2022


How to: Using Vendor Supplied Tool Holder Model to Automatically Define Holder Steps Having an accurate representation of your tool holder is critical to creating a collision-free program. However, defining a tool holder can be a tedious process, manually interrogating the model for the holder steps. A new tool release in NX1980, Holder Source - [...]

February 3, 2022


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