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Swoosh Technologies Testimonial

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Knowledgeable AE's

Swoosh Technologies has earned an impressive 93% rating for the expertise and knowledgeability of its application engineers, reflecting a strong commitment to providing high-quality technical support and solutions.

Training Curriculum

Our hands-on, guided training sessions provide designers and manufacturers with thorough knowledge of the software. This shows the high level of satisfaction we have with our training curriculum from our customer base.

Support Ticket Time

A quick turnaround on support tickets demonstrates our commitment to meeting customer needs. Client satisfaction is our top priority. In accordance with industry standards, our response times are rapid and effective.

Training Class Testimonials

Our clients consistently commend the comprehensive and impactful training they received for Siemens design and manufacturing software. Their testimonials often highlight the expert guidance, practical skill development, and immediate applicability of the knowledge gained from our training, underscoring the positive impact on their teams' productivity and proficiency.

Technical Support Testimonials

By providing top-notch technical support as Siemens Digital Industries Software's platinum partner, we ensure companies can maximize CAD, CAM, CAE, and product data management. Our support services aim to enhance product design quality and innovation for small and medium-sized discrete manufacturers by offering efficient assistance through a support ticket system, telephone, and email. Emphasizing user feedback, Swoosh Tech continuously improves its customer service to address technical issues promptly and effectively.

NX University Testimonials

We take pride in the enthusiastic acclaim we have received from clients for our NX University events. From empowering their teams to enhancing skill sets, our NX University events have been commended for our ability to offer a deeper understanding into Siemens NX software and offer hands-on activities to develop new skills.

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