NX Teamcenter Training – Course Catalog

Swoosh Technologies offers the best Siemens Teamcenter training classes. This catalogue contains the classes best suited to teach you the best Teamcenter practices through our Teamcenter training.

Teamcenter Training Enrollment

Learn how to create workflow through our Teamcenter workflow training. Our catalogue offers a variety of Siemens Teamcenter training options. From the very basics in user training to more advanced Teamcenter Workflow training. Search through the catalogue to find the Teamcenter training that best fits your needs!

Teamcenter Training: Application and Data Model Administration


Teamcenter Training: Workflow Design


What is Teamcenter

Teamcenter is a cloud-based, adaptable PLM (product lifecycle management) software produced by Siemens. This software connects processes, teams, and suppliers all while ensuring quality and compliance management. Teamcenter allows for standardized workflows and change processes that will streamline efficiency throughout your organization from top to bottom.

How to Use Teamcenter

Teamcenter provides a portal to your company’s product information by connecting all who need to collaborate with product and process knowledge in one. Digitally manage your product and manufacturing data in the context of the product life cycle. Manage and share product designs, documents, and data in Teamcenter. Interested in learning more about using Teamcenter and unlocking its PLM potential? Register for a training course taught by experts at Swoosh Technologies and become a Teamcenter wizard yourself.

What us Product Lifecycle Management Software

PLM (Product lifecycle management) software is the one-stop shop for managing the creation of a product from the beginning ideas to the final manufacturing steps. Navigating between supply chains to find the most efficient process for each step can be daunting, but Teamcenter as a PLM software will answer a great deal of those unanswered questions. The goal of using product lifecycle management software is to decrease the time it takes to go from innovation to launch.

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