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CAM Pro offers manufacturers a complete solution for all major areas in the manufacturing process. It enables toolpath and machine instructions to be created for a wide variety of machine tools – including 2.5, 3, and 5 axis milling machines, lathes, mill/turn machines, cutting equipment and electrical discharge machining (EDM) tools.

Affordable CAM Software

CAM Pro enables manufacturers to utilize advanced capabilities of their machine tools while deriving maximum value from their investments. CAM Pro will help speed the learning curve for new users and enables NX CAM programmers to create tool paths and machine instructions – ultimately reducing machining time and minimizing tool wear.

High-Value Solutions

Rapid Toolpath Creation

Speed up the NC programming process with CAM Pro’s advanced NC programming capabilities proven to minimize possibilities of errors, tool damage and scrapped components.

Advanced Machine Tool Features

Maximize efficiency of older machine tools with state-of-the-art toolpath technology. As machine shops may have older machines, our CAM manufacturing solution can help them be more productive with simple to complex machining operations.

Meet Customer and Supplier Needs

Need to reassess your manufacturing capabilities to meet both customer and supplier change requests? CAM Pro gives manufacturers flexibility to react to changing customer demands and the capability to work with models in various CAD formats.

To ensure team efficiency, DiaCom provides a seamless transfer of tool design communication between the design group and shop floor.

Who is DiaCom?

DiaCom (an industrial diaphragm manufacturer) initiated a shift in its approach to tool design and manufacturing. The New Hampshire-based company is well known for its cost-effective molded diaphragms critical to the operation of essential systems and equipments. “We wanted to grow dynamically by offering more intricate, cutting-edge products and also expand into new geographic markets in China and Europe,” says Mike Grywalski, Manufacturing Engineering Manager at DiaCom. “There’s more technology demand from these customers – they don’t just need washers on a garden hose.”

The Challenge

Expansion meant leveraging more advanced software technology. Grywalski recalls compatibility, communication and technical support issues when using software for two different vendors. “We wanted to bring the tooling group on board with our plans. [The need to] implement CAD and CAM applications from one software company was essential for the team.”

The Solution

After evaluating multiple CAD systems (includuing SOLDWORKS, AutoCAD, Inventor and Pro/ENGINEER), the DiaCom team went with Siemens Solid Edge for 3D CAD design and CAM Pro for manufacturing. “While there [are] many CAD systems out there, we selected Solid Edge and CAM Pro,” explains Grywalski. “The [CAD/CAM] combination has provided a seamless transfer of tool design communication between the design group and the shop floor.”

End Result

Ultimately, DiaCom saw a significant difference – especially with designing the more complex parts. “It has improved our technical design and tool-build capabilities while also allowing us to provide complex products for our customers – which would not have been as easily made several years ago.”

To keep it simple for you, we compared the standard* option between a competitor CAM Software and CAM Pro. Here’s what you get out of the box.


√ Included in Standard CAM version
+ Optional; Additional Cost* Based on lowest-tier CAM software version

** Includes RBM, TBM, AFR, KBM
*** Various file extensions can be imported seamlessly into CAM environment

Competitor CAM Software (Basic) CAM Pro Software (Foundation)
Feature Based Machining**
CAD/CAM Integration
 CAD/CAM Associativity***
 Automate Machine Times
3 + 2 Programming +
 High Speed Machining +
 Turning Capabilities + +
Part Modeling / Import +
Assembly Modeling / Import
 Synchronous Modeling
 Manufacturing Libraries
Post Builder and Post Configurator
 Shop Documentation
Work Instruction Authoring

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