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The Ultimate CAD Solution for Engineers and Designers

Siemens NX CAD software is a powerful tool used by designers and engineers to create 3D models and drawings. Discover the benefits of synchronous technology, allowing quick and easy updates to designs, coupled with integrated tools for simulation and analysis.

Reduce up to 30% Design and Development Time with NX CAD

NX Design (NX CAD) gives engineers the ability to enhance product ideation, development, and manufacturing processes while also working seamlessly with data from other CAD systems.

Explore the Powerful Capabilities of NX CAD

NX CAD Software provides a variety of tools for specialized design tasks (including sheet metal design, weld design, electrical, and mechanical design,) and templates that help accelerate design and engineering processes.

Design Interperability

Design Interoperability

It is crucial for electrical and mechanical designers to collaborate directly as products become more complex and integrated. Ensure alignment between each network and prevent development conflicts using NX for Design’s synchronous technology. A seamless ECAD-MCAD co-design process can eliminate electromechanical issues during product development.

Industrial Design and Styling

Provide your company with a competitive edge by utilizing best-in-class computer-aided industrial design. In most of today’s industries, design is a major differentiator – it must not only be visually appealing, but it must also be functional, manufacturable, and affordable to manufacture, support, and maintain. Industrial design and styling software such as NX accelerates your product development process by providing flexible, robust software.

Industrial Design and Styling
Design Validation

Design Validation

Using NX CAD’s design validation tools, you can continuously check your designs for compliance with standard and requirement requirements. By incorporating product analytics and validation into your 3D design process, you can make better-informed decisions. Product quality, compliance with standards, achieving requirements, eliminating errors and warranty costs, and optimizing designs for performance and manufacturability require validation checking.

Model-Based Definition

Utilize legacy data for Model Based Definition to eliminate the time and effort associated with creating annotated 2D CAD drawings. Through NX, engineering documentation is reduced in time, downstream tools are enabled for validation and manufacturing, and late changes are reduced. By leveraging the model as the single source of truth, product teams can save valuable time by incorporating product and process information and ensuring that intent is captured and linked properly.

Model-Based Definition
Mechatronic Concept Design

Mechatronic Concept Design

By utilizing NX’s multidisciplinary approach to machine design, you will be able to break down barriers and reduce integration concerns. When electrical, mechanical, and automation disciplines are integrated, working together becomes effortless, which leads to improved decision-making throughout the concept to product phases.

P and ID Design

A piping and instrumentation diagram (P&ID) may be drawn in two dimensions using NX while being linked to a 3D space model for design continuity. As well as speeding up authoring, P&ID Designer provides common libraries for diagramming and 3D, connectivity validation, diagramming to 3D, and equipment-level data management.

P and ID Design
Drafting and Documentation

Drafting and Documentation

You can now create engineering drawings more efficiently and effectively. Utilize NX’s highly productive drafting tools to optimize your 2D and hybrid 2D/3D workflows. As part of the drafting software, drawing views are automatically created from 3D model parts and assemblies as well as aligned, scaled, and arranged drawing sheets. Annotation tools are available to document manufacturing requirements for your drawings.

Why Design with NX CAD Design Software?

NX CAD Software provides robust and flexible design capabilities.

Time Efficiency and Superior Design Tools

Accelerate product design cycles and reduce multiple prototypes and rework. Automotive suppliers have reported a 50% reduction in design time.

Advanced Modeling and Assemblies

Surfaces and solid models can be created with powerful, innovative tools. Also, assembly design features reduce design time and facilitate quick testing.

Enhanced Visualization with Rendering

The rendering tool allows you to visualize your designs before manufacturing. By eliminating costly prototyping steps, you can streamline the design cycle.

Siemens NX CAD Customer Success Stories

Uniti Sweden

“Electric cars make sense,” states Lewis Horne, CEO at Uniti Sweden. “And the focus was making electric cars make more sense [to consumers].” Concerned with mobility issues, the startup’s goal was to limit pollution and congestion issues in populated cities. Using a process based on “fail-fast” iterations and collective data files (including sketches, 3D printed models, and CAD meshes), they used typical development tools in ways unique to their needs.


Jell, a leader in additive manufacturing, is a top player in consumer products. Since their start, the company’s 3D printed products have been an essential for appliance companies – from coffee machines to vacuum cleaners. Their secret to their growth and success? NX CAD. “We’ve been using Siemens NX for many years,” explains Sebastian Hochwarter (Development & Design at Jell). “The advantage of the program is that all the features are in one package – you don’t need to export and import files. It makes it a great time saver.”


Specializing in metal laser melting, robotics, injection molding and moldmaking, Toolcraft expanded and transitioned from prototyping to producing usable parts. With growth came the reality of needing to produce tools faster than conventional manufacturing without quality issues. The company turned to NX CAD’s additive manufacturing functionality to design optimization, build preparation, and print management.

Explore the Advanced Abilities Inside of NX CAD Software

The Ultimate Solution for Design, Simulation, and Manufacturing


Concept Design

NX Layout
Realize Shape
Topology Optimization
Electrical Routing


Product Design

Convergent Modeling
Solids / Feature Modeling
Assembly Modeling
2D Drafting
Airframe Features
Mechanical Surfacing
Sheet Metal Design
PCB Exchange
Electrical Routing


Specialty Design

Airframe Features
Mechanical Surfacing
PCB Exchange
Mechanical Routing
Electrical Routing


Process Automation

Product Template Studio
Reuse Library
Mechatronics Concept Designer
NX Open
Automotive Wizards
Visual Reporting


Product Integration

Content Migration Manager
Active Workspace



2D-to-3D Synchronous Technology
Freeform Synchronous Technology
Model-Based Definition

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