Siemens Design and Manufacturing Software Solution

NX University 2024

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At NX University, you will learn all about Siemens NX CAD and CAM software through presentations and hands-on workshops. You will receive information on all the newest NX enhancements, along with NX tips and tricks, and simulations.
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Siemens Design & Manufacturing Software Solution

Design, manufacturing and lifecycle management

Improve the accuracy, efficiency, and quality of design & manufacturing processes by utilizing Siemens powerful tools for designing, simulating, and controlling automated manufacturing processes.
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NX CAM Free Trial

Start Your Free, 30-Day NX CAM Cloud-Based Trial Today!

Discover the benefits of NX CAM's multi-axis machining, adaptive milling, integrated simulation, and advanced tool path optimization, all designed to complement and elevate your machining processes.
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Siemens Xcelerator as a Service

Siemens XaaS, a portfolio of cloud-based and SaaS products and solutions, empowers teams to work anywhere – from any device in a more flexible, scalable and secure format.

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Maximize ROI with Siemens PLM Training for Your Team

Elevate Your Engineering Team's Expertise with Swoosh Technologies' Siemens PLM Training Courses
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We Make Manufacturing Smarter

Siemens Digital Industries Software enables businesses to become more flexible, agile, and adaptable across a variety of industries.

Swoosh Technologies focuses on improving innovation and product design quality. We recently became the first Siemens Solution partner to offer Siemens' Adaptive Control and Monitoring System that, is revolutionizing CNC Machining for all.

Siemens CAD & CAM software empowers businesses to reach their goals by enhancing quality, minimizing waste, optimizing cycle times and fostering product innovation.

Elevate Your Design and Manufacturing with Siemens Software

Optimize your design and manufacturing processes with Siemens' innovative software solutions, accelerating time-to-market and enhancing production efficiency.

NX CAM Software

Leverage advanced software solutions to digitally transform your production processes, ensuring efficient planning, seamless collaboration, and successful execution of high-performance part manufacturing.

Solid Edge Software

By leveraging a comprehensive range of product development tools for mechanical and electrical design, simulation, manufacturing, technical publications, data management, and more, you can actively influence the future.


MACHINUM provides a comprehensive solution – integrating advanced technological and software systems to help attain unprecedented levels of efficiency, dependability, and cost savings.

Simcenter Software

Bring your products to market faster with Simcenter 3D, a highly comprehensive and fully-integrated CAE solution. Increase the speed of entire product development cycles.

Utilize MACHINUM to Optimize Your Shop Floor

Take the First Step Towards Achieving New Heights in Your Operations


Speed Up Your Production Processes

Accelerate your production processes with MACHINUM's adaptive feedrate control, which reduces cycle times while maintaining a stable process by analyzing cutting conditions in real-time and automatically optimizing the feed rate.


Adapt Quickly to Changing Requirements

By strategically integrating digitalization and software with machine CNC systems, MACHINUM enhances your agility, streamlines setup processes, eliminates potential errors, and equips operators with essential tools and programs, ensuring readiness for last-minute customer changes.


Get the Most Out of Your Machines

Through strategic digitalization and seamless integration of software with machine CNC systems, MACHINUM can enhance your agility, streamline setup processes, eliminate potential errors, and ensure operators have the necessary tools and programs to promptly adapt to last-minute customer changes.

Siemens Design & Manufacturing Case Studies

Discover real-world insights into how businesses achieve enhanced productivity and gain a competitive advantage by leveraging Siemens PLM Software

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Changing the World One Project at a Time

Emelody Worldwide is a technology company focused on applied research and demonstrator systems. With a focus on changing the world by opening the doors of knowledge, innovation, and exploration of science, Siemens NX is a must-have. With a team of multi-disciplined individuals focused in the areas of mathematics, aerospace, automotive, medical, and consumer design, they are ready to take on the next generation of problems while using Siemens NX CAD and CAM software in the process.

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Building the World’s First Commercial Zero-Gravity Industrial Park with Siemens Software

Varda Space Industries, headquartered in Torrance, California, strives to build the very first commercial zero-gravity space factories for earth-bound products. With reusable rockets having lowered the cost to access space, there are a number of products that can only be manufactured in space (i.e.: more powerful fiber optic cables, new pharmaceuticals, etc.) — this is where Varda Space comes into play with its mission to accelerate innovation in the space industry and creating products that will benefit life on Earth. Varda Space Industries relies on Siemens software (NX, Teamcenter, Simcenter) to design and manufacture their space factory.

Upcoming Siemens Software Training

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