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Aerospace and Defense

Companies in the Aerospace and Defense industry are envisioning and executing advanced platforms and systems for increased performance, improved fuel economy and new environmental regulations. Due to this, suppliers must respond to changing production challenges and requirements to meet the guidelines of OEMs. Our solutions allow you to capture and deliver requirements efficiently while keeping up with the product development process.

Automotive and Transportation

Suppliers in the automotive industry are often developing mechanical and electrical parts. The success lies within the communication between the automaker and the supplier – miscommunication results in errors and delays in supplied parts. Our solutions can help your internal and external teams plan, design, test, and manufacture automotive systems by integrating engineering functions while providing real-time access to information needed.

Electric Vehicle Industry

Electric Vehicle

The adoption of electric vehicles (EV) is rising significantly and research estimates that EVs will make up about 50% of new car sales globally by 2035. Driven by rising consumer demand, government policies and a desire for more environmentally friendly transportation solutions, automakers are investing billions in research and development to build new electric vehicles and manufacturing plants for battery production. Siemens PLM solutions support large automakers and emerging EV startups alike.

Heavy Equipment

With the energy industry becoming more complex, manufacturers are facing challenges in adapting to new requirements and regulations. Our solutions provide improvements in your entire product lifecycle while delivering products in the most cost-effective way.

Industrial furnace and heat exchanger cracking hydrocarbons in factory on sky sunset background, Close up of equipment in petrochemical plant

Medical Engineering

Requirements, regulations, and advances in technology must be met in order to produce medical prosthetics and devices. This can be easier said than done as the occurrence of safety issues recalls have heightened the need to enforce quality, efficiency and traceability in manufacturing operations. We enable manufacturers to improve quality, reduce operational costs, and eliminate risks with our solutions proven to keep processes in check.

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