Startup Success in 2021 & Beyond

Startup Success in 2021 & Beyond

Toilet paper shortages and a viral trend of sourdough bread making: welcome to the New Normal.

If there’s one thing the past two years have taught us (it’s been a weird two years, huh?), it’s that innovation can no longer just be a buzzword and must be part of any business and product development strategy.

As we’re all – slowly but surely – emerging from a historic, global pandemic, there is one question we get a lot from current startup customers as well as potential ones: how can we prepare for success in an unpredictable world in 2021 & beyond — and how can Swoosh assist with maximizing our success? This blog post will cover some of the trends & observations we’ve come to notice as well as solutions we are excited to offer specifically to eligible* startups.

The pandemic has sparked a wave of entrepreneurship and startup success.

Feel finally ready to make your ideas reality? You’re not alone. A surge in start-ups has been a surprising trend emerging during the pandemic. The Peterson Institute for International Economics reported that Americans started 4.4 million businesses during 2020, marking a 24% increase from the year before. This is an all-time record. In fact, pre-pandemic the number of people starting their own businesses had been consistently declining. {source} According to McKinsey & Company, digitization & eCommerce have seen some of the largest growth. Businesses used the need for a faster digital transformation to spur optimizations in AI to improve operations. Healthcare was another industry that was forced to adapt incredibly fast to changing circumstances. {source}

The need for better data management for Startups: Teamcenter (PLM).

Flexibility and remote work options have become the norm for many employees now, a change that is very welcomed by many. With this development, we now face an even greater need for tools that allow teams to connect and collaborate efficiently – whether at the office or working from home.

We’ve seen many instances in which businesses raced to launch products only to have to sacrifice quality for reduced design time and faster manufacturing. With various factors playing a role in the success of your product (including endless files and documents, regulations, requirements, and optimum team collaboration), as a successful, growing startup you must ensure a  foundation that allows for effective management of your product’s lifecycle.

This is where Swoosh comes into play with many of the startups we work with: as part of our product catalog, we offer Siemens Teamcenter software, a solution for data management for startups that allows you to manage and share mechanical, electrical, software and simulation data. With a plethora of tools that Teamcenter offers, you can easily create and manage every single aspect of your product.

“I get that. But these things are always SO expensive.” – Not so fast. At Swoosh, we offer the Siemens NX Startup Program which gives eligible startups the power and flexibility to seamlessly bring products to life with Siemens NX CAD, Simcenter 3D and Teamcenter for a preferred startup price.

Reducing your design and development time by 30%: NX CAD for Startups.

Whether you’re an established company or a more recent startup, COVID-19 has created a situation where businesses have to figure out how to optimize their operations, adapt new technologies at the blink of an eye and bring products to market faster than anyone else.

Siemens NX CAD is another powerful CAD software included in our startup program. It gives engineers the ability to enhance product ideation, development, and manufacturing processes while also working seamlessly with data from other CAD systems. With its built-in synchronous technology, geometry is easily created and edited with unparalleled push and pull editing – even in the most complex models. It provides a variety of tools for specialized design tasks (including sheet metal design, weld design, electrical, and mechanical design) and templates that help accelerate design and standardize engineering processes.

With its seamless integration of wireframe, surface, solid and facet modeling tools and techniques, NX CAD gives users the ability to go from feature to feature without having to switch applications or transfer data.

Siemens NX for startups is an extremely powerful solution for our startup customers as it eliminates limitations on CAD Design while maximizing speed, productivity and efficiency with a reduction of up to 30% in design time, development and cost – ultimately ensuring startups can operate and design at the same level as their larger, more established competitors.

Increase your competitiveness by optimizing innovation: Simcenter 3D for Startups.

While we don’t want to go on and on about how much the pandemic has accelerated the need for innovation (yawn, am I right?), we feel like we have to bring it up just one more time. Being innovative is a huge piece of the puzzle when looking to maximize startup success for the future – from optimized design & product development to lightning fast online tools and customer service. Accepting the status quo won’t cut it anymore.

Simcenter 3D software uses simulation to evaluate different design alternatives, conduct experiments and gain new insights into product performance. Simcenter helps teams reduce model preparation time by 70 percent and shortens design-analysis iterations.

A few more benefits it offers:

  • Evaluate design trade-offs across multiple disciplines
  • Validate and track performance against product parameters
  • Build FE assemblies through unique multilevel approaches

Check out these inspiring stories on innovative startup companies and their success in bringing their products to reality. See how they leveraged the Siemens Digital Industries Software solutions:

We love propelling our trailblazing startup clients to success and watch them thrive. In addition to our NX startup software package, our expert engineers also offer technical support as well as classroom software training in a variety of different topics to assist with your startup success.

Interested in finding out whether your startup may be a good fit for our Swoosh x Siemens NX for Startup Program? Shoot us a message below and we’ll be happy to chat!

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