Siemens NX CAM Software

Enhancing Manufacturing Performance with NX CAM

A powerful CAM solution for mill-turn machine programming and feature-based machining. Using these robust tools, manufacturing processes can be enhanced to maximize efficiency, flexibility, and productivity.

Revolutionizing CNC Programming with Siemens NX CAM

Experience NX CAMs Superior Efficiency and Precision

Rapidly Program Prismatic Components

Make high-precision machinery components on time and within specifications with automation and modern programming techniques.

Deliver High-Performance, High Quality Molds

By maintaining associativity with the part model, moldmakers can accelerate the machining of hard materials and achieve excellent finishes.

Simplify Manufacturing of Complex Parts

Aerospace & DoD contract manufacturers can program the most challenging jobs using advanced multi-axis machining strategies.

Discover NX CAM Software Capabilities

Accelerate your machining processes and manufacture high-precision parts with Siemens NX CAM software.


Additive Manufacturing

Siemens NX CAM’s design tools provide part manufacturers with an integrated software solution for part modeling, tool design, and inspection programming, ensuring high efficiency, precision, and quality in the manufacturing process.

Design Tools for Part Manufacturers

Siemens NX CAM’s design tools provide part manufacturers with an integrated software solution for part modeling, tool design, and inspection programming, ensuring high efficiency, precision, and quality in the manufacturing process.

NX CAM Part Quality Control

Part Quality Control

Digitalize your quality control process to meet demanding requirements for product quality and dimensional accuracy. By integrating CMM inspection programming, shop floor execution, and measured data analysis, you can establish an efficient data-driven quality control process.

Tooling & Fixture Design

Automate the entire tool development process including part design, tool assembly layout, and detailed tooling design and validation using advanced NX functionality. With step-by-step guidance and associativity to part designs, you can work with even the most challenging tooling and fixture designs.

NX CAM Tooling and Fixture Design

Robotic Automation

Robotic machining provides more flexibility that can dramatically improve efficiency on the shop floor. Using NX CAM software, you can program robots to machine large parts and to automate machining tasks typically performed manually. This enables expanded machining capabilities, reduced cycle time, and improved part quality.

CAD for NX Programming

NX provides powerful CAD/CAM capabilities that enable seamless manufacturing-from digital part models to NC programming to finished precision components-using one software system. Quickly prepare 3D part models for NC programming and create complete machine setups with comprehensive design and assembly tools.

NX CAM for NC Programming

What Are The Benefits of NX CAM Software?

✓ Leverage high-speed machining, 5-axis milling, and robotics

✓ Integrated G-code-driven simulation dramatically increases machine uptime and eliminates production errors.

✓ One CAM software is all you need to program any job.

✓ Reduce programming by 90% with feature-based machining

✓ Minimize manual input and create optimized processes to machine precision parts.

✓ Simulate and validate NC programs in the machine tool process.

NX CAM Ranked as #1 CAM Software on G2

See What G2 Reviewers Are Saying About Siemens NX CAM


“I liked the fact that the software allowed users to simulate manufacturing of parts before proceeding to physical operations to manufacture parts. This allows users to save time and money in the manufacturing process in the prototyping phase through simulating methods of manufacturing.”

Denzel B.

“Siemens shows their best. Program is super fast and super user friendly. Common commands are in the main menu and that makes you save lots of time.”

Omer B.

Success Stories From NX CAM Customers

“Using NX, production time has been reduced by 40 percent, and we’ve increased manufacturing output substantially…. Ultimately, with NX CAM, we are sending our products to market faster; we are continuously building better quality into our products; and our costs are well-managed.”

– Cleber Brandino de Oliveira, Project Development at Jaguarmold

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