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Mastering Design and Manufacturing with Siemens CAD, CAM, and CAE Support

Swoosh Technologies offers exceptional Siemens NX CAD, NX CAM, Teamcenter, and Solid Edge support, driving innovation and efficiency in design and manufacturing processes.

Award-Winning Siemens Platinum Support & Training Partner

Working with Swoosh Tech Support engineers provides numerous benefits to your business. Their team consists of certified Siemens NX CAD & CAM engineers equipped to resolve even the most challenging tasks.

Need Assistance With Your NX CAD, NX CAM, Teamcenter or Solid Edge Software?

Swoosh Technologies offers Siemens design & manufacturing customers three convenient ways to contact our technical support team.

Swoosh Techs Design & Manufacturing Expertise

Learn Why We Are The Top-leading Siemens Software Support Experts

Swoosh Tech Support

Extensive Knowledge of CAD | CAM | CAE

Swoosh Technologies is a trusted platinum partner of Siemens Digital Industries Software. With a strong commitment to excellence, we offer top-notch CAD, CAM, CAE, and product data management solutions tailored to meet your company’s needs. Whether you require PLM software, process-based training, or other services, our team of expert support engineers is dedicated to developing custom solutions that efficiently tackle and address your unique challenges.

Comprehensive Hands-on Support

Swoosh Technologies offers comprehensive hands-on support for Siemens PLM software. We provide assistance with installation, configuration, and optimizing the software according to specific needs. We also help with software upgrades, ensuring access to the latest features and improvements. In addition, we will provide troubleshooting services and expertise in resolving software-related issues and can guide and support system integration, enabling seamless integration with other systems or applications.

Customization and Deployment
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Expectional Testimonials & Reputation

As attested by our customers’ testimonials, Swoosh Technologies aids various businesses in overcoming their struggles with the software, enabling them to produce confidently and effectively. Our consistent support, quality training, and mentoring make us more than just a Siemens platinum software partner; we have become an integral part of our customers’ success.

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Siemens Digital Industries Software We Support

The Ultimate Solution for Design, Simulation, and Manufacturing


Model-Based Definition

NX CAD is a powerful computer-aided design (CAD) software used for 3D modeling, simulation, and manufacturing design.



NX CAM software facilitates the creation and control of numerical control programs and is particularly useful for machining processes.



Teamcenter software enables companies to manage and collaborate on product data, documents, and processes through the entire product lifecycle.

Solid Edge

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Solid Edge is a powerful and intuitive CAD software that enables users to design, simulate, and visualize their creations with ease and precision.

Experience Real-Time Support for Siemens Software Solutions

Let Us Handle Your Software Glitches, Technical Issues, or General Questions

Swift Turnaround

Swift Turnaround Time

We understand the importance of providing rapid service to customers. We pride ourselves on offering a quick turnaround on support tickets.

Timely Communcation

Timely Communication

When a support ticket is submitted, Swoosh Technical Engineers acknowledge it, contact the client, and begin working on a solution.


Efficient & Knowledgable

Through our streamlined processes and extensive knowledge and expertise, we can efficiently resolve customer issues. 


Meet Our Elite Swoosh Technical Support Team

David Chiu | Customer Success Manager

Since 1992, David has been working with customers to implement PLM solutions for product design and data management. He has expertise in advanced design applications such as airframe designs during his early career at McDonnell Douglas. David also spent 13 years at Siemens serving as a Unigraphics NX instructor, Courseware Developer, Pre-Sales Application Engineer, and Technical Manager. 

David values helping people find solutions to problems and thoroughly enjoys working within the technical training space.

Product Focus: Teamcenter & NX CAD

Application Engineer John Vincent

John Vincent | Technical Director & CAM Application Engineer

John’s impressive working background in the tooling industry (including ATI Forge and Krones, Inc) gives him a plethora of knowledge in BOMs, CNC programming, mill/turns, and postprocessor development. As a result, his understanding of what it takes to efficiently produce parts with 2-, 4-, and 5-axis lathes makes him one of our highly sought-after NX CAM mentors and instructors at Swoosh.

Product Focus: NX CAM

NX CAD Training, Simcenter Training, Michael Pinto

Michael Pinto | CAD Application Engineer

Since 1999, Michael has worked for various companies, including Pratt & Whitney and Nike. His understanding of 3D modeling, 2D drawings, and other CAD features makes him a true NX wizard for all designers. Alongside mCAD, Michael implements KeyShot into the CAD environment and also leverages design simulation with Simcenter – showing the importance of each manufacturing process from start to finish.

Product Focus: NX CAD

Manny Headshot

Manny Marquez | CAD Application Engineer & Technical Support Lead

Manny’s knowledge spans over 16+ years of working in the CAD VAR industry in Pre-Sales and Post-Sales evaluating design processes to identify CAD / ECAD solutions. Manny spent time developing and delivering many technical demonstrations for design solutions, along with implementation and support of NX and Solid Edge. Resolving customer issues is a huge passion of Manny’s so he can help deliver productivity and peace of mind within different work environments. 

Product Focus: NX & Solid Edge

Teamcenter Training, Solid Edge Training Sam Estrada

Sam Estrada | Application Engineer & PLM Consultant

Straight out of Lubbock Texas, also known as the home of cotton production and the largest windmill museum, Sam is a savvy engineer with 20+ years of experience. His primary tasks include partnering with sales team members and customers for installations of Teamcenter, NX, and Solid Edge. He also finds it rewarding to lead new customers through infrastructure review, strengthen partnerships, and create course materials used during Swoosh’s process-based training. A few professional accomplishments, Sam takes pride in conducting a Teamcenter Amazon Cloud Deployment, and getting certified in Teamcenter and Solid Edge.

Product Focus: Teamcenter & Solid Edge

Application Engineer Dan Klostermann

Dan Klostermann | Teamcenter Application Engineer

Based out of the heart of Missouri in St. Louis and with 28+ years of experience, Dan works on Teamcenter application development and support, along with general CAD/CAM and Siemens license support. His mantra includes providing solutions to improve work, valuing teamwork, and furthering his skills in technical software.

Product Focus: Teamcenter & TC/CAD Integrations

Aaron Jackson Headshot

Aaron Jackson | CAM Application Engineer & Technical Support Lead

Aaron Jackson is a NX CAM Application Engineer & Technical Support Lead at Swoosh Technologies and Solutions. With nearly 20 years of experience in manufacturing, as both a CNC programmer and a CNC Machine Tool Applications Engineer, Aaron brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from various manufacturing sectors, including the medical, defense, communications, and automotive industries.

Product Focus: NX CAM

Ivan Heller

Ivan Heller | TDM Training & Technical Support Lead

Ivan Heller is a Training and Support Lead who specializes in NX CAD & Solid Edge. In Ivan’s free time, he enjoys spending time with his family, creating music, traveling, and hiking. Ivan strives to make the lives of others easier and enjoys exploring the bigger purpose of his role.

Product Focus: NX & Solid Edge & TDM

Angie Leimkuehler

Angie Leimkuehler | NX CAD Application Engineer

Angie brings over 30+ years of NX CAD experience to the team ranging from casting product design, die-cast design, and aerospace tooling. She also has experience training others in NX applications and best practices. As an NX CAD expert, she loves to share her knowledge and experiences through mentoring and teaching to help customers become proficient and successful.

Product Focus: NX CAD


Jason Pierce | NX CAM Application Engineer

I reside in North Alabama and have over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing industry. Over 25 years of contract programming experience including aerospace-defense, medical, energy, and automotive industries.

Product Focus: NX CAM

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