FloEFD Software

Today’s engineers are most likely focused on making product design cycles shorter.

Let’s face it – a new product or a demand for your product needs to get delivered to market faster without possibilities of issues and recalls. Using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis, FloEFD provides the best environment for testing your product. Understand why and how the CFD tool has helped companies in various industries deliver error-free products.

CFD in the Spotlight With FloEFD

A computational fluid dynamics analysis solution

FloEFD Software for Siemens NX is an easy-to-use, fast and accurate analysis tool that enables engineers to frontload simulation early into the design process. FloEFD
enables design engineers to examine and evaluate design options to obtain optimized product performance and reliability.

An award-winning frontloading computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation solution, FloEFD helps reduce the overall simulation time by up to 75 percent and seamlessly creates different variants while analyzing them quickly. It also helps engineers move simulation into the design process earlier.

What Are Some Benefits of FloFED

One of the best benefits? FloEFD can also be inserted into your current Siemens NX design flow without any disruption to your existing process to reduce overall simulation time.

Automated Meshing

FloEFD uses Cartesian meshing technologies – making it a fast and automated process for simulating fluid flows, heat, and mass transfer.

Easy CAD Integration

The CFD tool integrates seamlessly with various CAD software, including NX, Solid Edge, CATIA V5, Creo, Flexx, and SolidWorks.

75% Reduced Simulation Time with FloEFD

FloEFD can reduce simulation time by up to 75% and reduces physical prototyping and development costs without using extra time or material penalties.

FloEFD Software Features the Following Benefits:

• An intuitive user experience – short learning curve

• Use of native Siemens NX CAD data – no translation or fluid body creation

• Automatic recognition of model change with FloEFD – geometry and simulation data are synchronized

Seeing is believing. SEE FloEFD DEMOS | xSOLID EDGE


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