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[Closed] Are admin privileges required to download NX Continuous Release updates?


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Our users don't have permission to instal software. Will that affect the continuous release updates from NX or can our administrators push the updates to the users?

Any information would help! Thanks.

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Hi Greg,

You do have to have some system administrator privileges in Windows to do software maintenance. 

If you're an administrator there is a way to download the software and then push it out to your users. This is explained in the ReadMe file. You can access the ReadMe file from the GTAC website. 

First, login to the GTAC website with your webkey and click on the Download tab. Choose NX from the list on the left. The ReadMe is located under NX 1847 Series > NX [Latest Version]. Once you open it, scroll down to "SILENT UPGRADE WITH MSP INSTALLER." It reads:

The installation of NX as an upgrade can also be accomplished by an automatic, unattended install. This feature may aid those System Administrators with a large number of site installations.

Caution: Use of this type of installation is intended for experienced installers only.

Performing an unattended upgrade installation can be done with the command line:

setup.exe /s /v"/qn+ /L*v c:\temp\upgrade.log"

This will update installed files in the NX environment to the new NX version of the files. The setup.exe will update the product using all of the available  MSP files int he same location as setup.exe. Do not rename, remove or add MSP files to this location as it will invalidate the update installation.

Note: The + on the /qn+ will pop-up an end dialog when the install is complete. If you want a completely silent installation with no pop-up, omit the +.

There's an MSI download and an MSP download. The MSI is the larger package because it's a full download. So if you're brand new to NX or running NX 12, you don't have to start with NX 1847. You can go straight to the latest version (1863 as of today) and download that MSI file. 

If you already have a version of NX 1847 installed, you can download the smaller MSI file and just do the update. 

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