Swoosh is by far the greatest! At first I was a little skeptical about spending 5hrs for NX University, as my company is paying me to attend. My fear was that I wouldn’t get much information that would apply directly to us. Having that said, after attending the class and watching both classroom breakouts. I can easily say, the measly 5hrs spent attending, saved more than 5hrs when it comes to real time applications in the next year. The fact that Swoosh’s training is “Process-Based Training” is simply outstanding. Every time I get the privilege to do business with Swoosh whether its NX University, one of the many classes I’ve attended, a support ticket, or even simply a “contact our team”. It awesome! The staff is great, easy to work with! You always get an outcome far greater than anticipated! I will never take on any programming task without Swoosh having my back! You guys have created a customer for life with me!

After talking about Swoosh as a whole, now to talk about the NX University 2023! Its hard to pick a spot to even start to talk about! Overall a 12 out of 10 for me! The information coming out about software changes is great! Not only something to look forward to, but also something of value to bring back my company. Not only to better ourselves and our processes, but also having the information to articulate to my company why it would be a good decision. The CAM breakout room had a plethora of knowledge that I can and WILL use! Also, knowing what new options you have in your toolbelt when driving toolpaths. The CAM hidden gems was by far my favorite part of the entire session! The way John Vincent was applying so many different was to drive your tool axis was incredible.

The CAD breakout room was great as well! David Chiu is a genius. The man is incredible smart and even better teacher. I have gotten the opportunity to attend his classroom before, I think there was like 650pages of curriculum and I learned everything on everyone of the pages. The guy can not only explain what something means, but can show you, why, how it works, what its thinking, what its looking for, as well as show you visually on the screen while he’s talking. While doing so he never misses a beat! The CAD overall was great, but the most beneficial thing I learned was simply the way constraint are thinking (from too). This explains some of the confusion of why things move correctly sometimes lol.

I’m not only thankful for Swoosh as a team, but the Team members individually. One thing you can count on with Swoosh is, they care. Yes they’re the best, but they do a really great job having your back! Thank you for not only creating such rich curriculum, but also giving away a free day of learning!

P.S. Since I’m already name dropping people above…….. Aaron Jackson is a stud. Jason Pierce as well. Without a doubt they have my back without fail! The best support. I hope I get the privilege to shake their hand someday. “It’s not what you know, its who you know”.

Thank you Swoosh for all your support!!!

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