Teamcenter for WOM

The Change Process

In the past, you would need to use referencers to see what might be impacted, then manually copy and paste data into the correct change folder.

Now with the impact analysis, you get all the information you need automatically. As you create new revisions of the structure, Teamcenter will automatically open the new revision so you can begin processing your changes.

Teamcenter Integration

Integrate Teamcenter (PLM) right inside the clients you work with every day. You can perform various PLM tasks without ever leaving the UI.

In this example watch how NX and Mentor integrate seamlessly allowing you to access and perform the change right inside those tools.

Real-Time Visibility

With real-time visibility in your change process, you are able to make important information around your product visible. This allows you to:

  • Flag and track bottlenecks
  • Discover trends
  • Make informed decisions moving forward


While also giving you the option of different views like cycle time, priority of changes, cost up or down, what region the changes are happening in.


Driving Product Innovation with Multi-Domain BOM Management

Work Within the Design

All while working within the constraints of the design, you are able to share information with multiple designers allowing easy collaboration. 

Watch as this mechanical designer and PCB designer easily share information as they work on the board layout. 


Easy Collaboration

With all the essential information in a single environment, it is easy to collaborate during development to ensure manufacturing has everything they need to plan for production.

Easily view and determine issues along the lifecycle and the impact they will have across requirements, mechanical, electrical, software, manufacturing planning all the way to execution on the plant floor.

Easily Search and Configure the BOM

Using the suggestive search and filtering capabilities of Teamcenter you can quickly and easily find the BOM you are looking for. You are able to quickly configure the BOM by different rules such as the latest working or latest released or date or unit/serial number.

Teamcenter gives you the full history of previous data revisions, as well as visibility into the changes that were made as a result of a problem and allows you to view solutions to a change. 

Streamline Product Development with Requirements-Driven Design

Integrated Requirements Process

Rather than looking through the entire database, Teamcenter allows you to search and filter for requirements, allow you to easily access the information that is relevant to your current task.

Streamline Product Development to Deliver Greater Product Innovation

Convey Manufacturing Information

With Teamcenter you are able to streamline the transition from design to manufacturing by allowing you to:

  • Share 3D models: share requirements within the model to enable full utilization of the design intent.
  • Share information with manufacturing: extend the model with embedded PMI to easily transition to manufacturing.
  • Drive downstream tools and process: use the 3D model PMI to accelerate the set-up of manufacturing tools and processes.
  • Design BOM generation: Automatically generate a complete and accurate BOM and material list.

Cross-Domain Design Management

The ECAD/MCAD Common Part Library enables collaborative design by allowing both the ECAD and MCAD designer to share a common part library definition.

To keep the design in synch while collaborating across the mechanical and electrical domains Teamcenter enables a collaborative co-design process. Design teams can share incremental data, accept or reject changes, and incorporate change notes or comments into the information being shared.

Readiness for Manufacturing

to streamline the transition to manufacturing and help improve product quality and reliability, Teamcenter’s cross-domain development teams can manage the software binaries and incorporate them into the product BOM.

Cross-Domain Collaboration

Teamcenter supports co-simulation by facilitating the ability to connect 3D and 1D models to establish a true representation of the digital twin, allowing greater realism in product optimization and operational results.

With the use of other Siemens PLM products for physical testing, the results can be fed back into the models to further optimize the quality of your simulation environment.

Visual Product Collaboration

Teamcenter helps you maximize the value of your 3D assets. By combining PMI and JT data it facilitates more collaborative formal and informal design reviews, manufacturing planning, and serviceability assessment, especially effective with CAD oriented stakeholders.

Teamcenter VR

Teamcenter VR supports:

  • immersive design reviews for packaging and styling
  • JT data enhanced with materials and behaviors from the Concept Desktop module
  • Reach and vision studies while interacting with the virtual prototype in a one-to-one scale
  • Jack and Jill mannequins and studies can be review immersively
  • Parts and tools can be moved around with six degrees of freedom

Change Traceability

With Teamcenter’s change process management and traceability stakeholders can easily:

  • Monitor status and performance
  • Audit the change history
  • Pre-configure reports for change management

Process For Requesting Verification Inside Teamcenter

Solid Works Change Management

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