Flat Pattern Templates and Flat Solids in NX Often in design, you need to take sheet metal parts and make flattened out views of them for templates. In this week's blog, I'll be looking at the process of going from part to flat pattern, then exporting it, and creating a flat solid from the pattern. [...]
Intermediate Sheet Metal Features in NX In this blog, I wanted to focus on adding secondary tabs and three bend corners, topics covered in our NX Sheet Metal class. Although these features might not seem related, I think this is a very common progression. I will be working in NX 1899, although these features are [...]
This year, Swoosh hosted the first completely virtual edition of NX University. Five of our team of application engineers hosted a full day of 13 sessions and 2 live Q&A's on the latest features in NX CAD and CAM, hidden gems in the software, and advanced techniques to improve your workflow. And we recorded them [...]
Most Useful Synchronous Modeling Tools: Move, Delete, Resize Face The Top 3 Tools Used in  NX CAD Synchronous Modeling Synchronous modeling tools in NX CAD allow NX users to quickly edit the design geometry without having to edit any original features. This allows for precise, direct push-and-pull edits to the body. The synchronous modeling tool [...]
Display Right Angled Head for Tool Path Verification I occasionally receive questions about the use of right-angled heads in NX CAM and tool path verification. If you use these types of heads often, you probably use NX CAM’s NC Simulation module to verify that your tool paths are collision- and gouge-free. But what if you [...]
What's New in NX Pattern Enhancements This update on NX pattern enhancements simplifies the pattern creation process and also reduce Pattern update and creation times. In previous versions, the Simple method of patterning did not support multiple features.  If more than one feature was selected, the pattern would become a Variational Pattern which would then [...]
Top 5 Fundamental CAD Topics You Should Know So you think you don't need NX training, eh? In this article, we take a look at a “top 5 list” of fundamental NX CAD topics we’re betting you aren’t so well versed: Utilities Group in the Top Border Bar Details panel of the Part Navigator Reusing [...]
Typical Complex Parts Machining Complex part components can be characterized as high accuracy parts with free form shapes manufactured from different high tech materials. Typical Geometry: Complex round shapes with pockets Free form complex shapes Challenging geometry– thin walls, hard to reach places Typical Machining Concerns: Multiple setups Multi-axis milling, turning, grinding, drilling Complex fixturing [...]

Making molds is easy as 1, 2, 3 with a built-in step-by-step process that walks through designing your assembly. Mold Wizard in NX dramatically outperforms traditional CAD by automating much of the process. First, the program validates that your part can be manufactured properly. Then it gets to work designing the mold assembly of your […]

Training improves employee performance. According to Ferdinand Fournies (author of ‘Why Employees Don’t Do What They’re Supposed To Do’) performance problems occur because employees (1) don’t know what they’re supposed to do, (2) don’t know how to do it, and/or (3) don’t know why they should do it.  Training enhances company profits. Based on the […]

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