In this webinar replay, Application Engineer David Chiu covers the Progressive Die Wizard within NX, which guides you through the die-making process from design to production. By using intelligent automation and reuse libraries you can reduce your design time by up to 50 percent! Topics covered: Progressive Die Design Automation Flattening and Unforming Blank Layout [...]
Just because you're not an expert doesn't mean you can't test your own design with FloEFD. Making changes late in the process causes expensive rework. Testing your design early lets you evaluate variants, dismiss less desirable options, and create an optimized end product. And yes, there are dummy-proof simulation tools made for designers. In this [...]

September 27, 2019


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VDL is aiming for zero-emission buses that are cheaper than diesel and they're getting there with Simcenter Amesim and STAR-CCM+. The transportation company created a fully integrated electric bus model, build with Simcenter Amesim. They used this model to enhance battery cooling and control strategies leading to a more optimized vehicle energy management.
Typical Complex Parts Machining Complex part components can be characterized as high accuracy parts with free form shapes manufactured from different high tech materials. Typical Geometry: Complex round shapes with pockets Free form complex shapes Challenging geometry– thin walls, hard to reach places Typical Machining Concerns: Multiple setups Multi-axis milling, turning, grinding, drilling Complex fixturing [...]
Don't use the default! Learn how to create a custom drawing template for your designs. No two companies look alike and neither should your drawing templates. In this 32-minute webinar, Application Engineer Reese Shearer covers how to predefine the look and format of your sheets to be consistent and save time. Then he shows how [...]
10, 11, 12... 1847? The newest release of NX ditches the yearly updates and starts the beginning of the continuous release methodology. As we help our customers configure the update, we know there's a lot of questions about how these periodic downloads will affect your process. In this 63-minute webinar replay, Application Engineer David Chiu [...]
CAM Foundation gives your shop floor access the essential manufacturing tools for a fraction of a full-blown NX seat. Whether you have NX CAM or an alternate solution, a license of CAM Foundation lets you view CAM files, review changes, make inspection sheets, and save views for set-up—all the capabilities needed for efficient NC programming. [...]
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