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Solid Edge 2021

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Solid Edge 2021 provides you the speed needed to get the most out of your entire engineering process while maximizing productivity and decreasing costs. With its adaptive and intuitive user interface, The latest version release boasts best-in-class features - including:

• Subdivision Modeling (new)
• Reverse Engineering
• Core CAD Enhancements
• Electrical Design
• Simulation
• Manufacturing
• Data Management

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Subdivision Modeling

With subdivision modeling, Solid Edge users can. develop distinctive, unique products based on organic shapes. It automates the creation of stylized surfaces and offers a whole new way to rapidly conceptualize ideas.

What's New in Mechanical Design?

With the new adaptive UI, Solid Edge users are able to maximize productivity while reducing costs. The artificial intelligence-based assistant predicts the next command you need based on what it is you are doing and where you are in a design, allowing you to get the most out of your engineering process.

2D Nesting

With 2D Nesting, Solid Edge Users are able to generate optimized layouts for their two-dimensional cutting of fabrication material, including sheet metal, plastic, wood, fabric, and textiles. Nest your designs on surfaces of any shape with 2D Nesting.


With the CADENAS 3D find-it search engine, Solid Edge users are able to access millions of 3D CAD models, accelerating their efficiency in finding the parts they need for their designs and allowing them to get the most out of their engineering process.

CAM in Solid Edge

With the all new searchable online database of post processors, Solid Edge users are able to maximize machine-floor investments and accelerate product development from design to manufacturing to get the most of their manufacturing equipment. This new feature allows users to:

  1. Remove materials quickly and increase tool life with fast roughing.
  2. Maximize your nesting capabilities with all new 2D Nesting.
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