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Learn the best Simcenter industry practices through our live and comprehensive Simcenter training tutorials. Each class in the catalog contains thorough Simcenter training tutorials to teach you how to become proficient in Simcenter software!

Simcenter Training Enrollment

This Simcenter training catalog is designed to show all of the best Simcenter training offered to increase you or your team’s skill level. This catalog offers classes from the very basics that will introduce you to what is simcenter, all the way to advanced thermal and flow analysis. Search for the Simcenter training that best fits your needs. The catalog contains classes that cover Simcenter training designed to accelerate your skills.

What is Simcenter?

Simcenter 3D is a fully automated CAE (computer-automated engineering) software produced by Siemens. With advanced 3D modeling capabilities and simulation solvers that cover a comprehensive range of physics, Simcenter 3D can simulate acoustics, aerostructures, computational fluid dynamics, heat, and even structural fatigue.

What is CAE (Computer Automated Engineering)

CAE (computer-automated engineering) is the process of using computerized simulation software to help improve product designs in a variety of ways. Simcenter by Siemens is just one example of the many applications available, but it is one of the most widely used softwares for engineering for various industries such as automotive, aviation, space, and shipbuilding.

How to Create A Simulation of A Product

Creating a start-to-finish simulation begins in the 3D Engineering Desktop, the central hub of Simcenter. This “desktop” rapidly cleans up and prepares geometry from any computer-aided design (CAD) source using direct modeling. This is the centralized working environment for pre-/post processing of all Simcenter 3D solutions for structural, dynamics, composites, durability, acoustics, thermal, flow, motion, optimization, and electromagnetics simulations. You can learn more about creating simulations during one of our training courses, taught by a Swoosh Technologies expert!

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