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Staged Modeling

Webinar: Staged Modeling

Wednesday, June 8th at 11:00am CST

Grab a friend and get ready to learn!

We felt like we just had to host a webinar for all of you NX CAD users on National Best Friends Day. With topics covering Staged Models in NX: A process automation tool for defining and managing of staged models, CAD expert Michael Pinto is going to share just too many cool features - it's hard not to share.

Webinar Overview:
Using Staged Modeling inside of NX will allow the user to streamline their manufacturing processes by using existing CAD models (at various design stages) and reuse the information from the model to quickly create parts that represent the design at the various stages of manufacturing. Staged Modeling also allows for the quick reuse of the embedded MBD (Model-Based Definition – PMI) to add it to the other manufacturing stages (part files).

Webinar Agenda

  1. What is Staged Modeling? 
  1. Overview of Staged Models Role in Manufacturing
  1. Staged Modeling User Experience 
    • Staged Modeling User Experience 
    • Top-down Staged Modeling Process (starting with finished production part and creating manufacturing stages).
    • Hybrid Design Staged Modeling Process (starting with both a Casting of the part and a final Production Model of the part then using information from both the start and end to create the in-between stages)
  1. Reuse of MBD (PMI) to author and execute user defined rules on staged models
  1. Consumption of Staged Model information in Production and reuse of the data in other processes (NX CAM, NX CMM, Part Planner, etc)
  1. Licensing and Packaging 
  1. Closing Summary 
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