Teamcenter Automation Solution Kit

Automatically Stamp, Collate and Output Files in Bulk with TASK

Teamcenter makes finding and arranging documents a breeze. Without writing your own custom program, you won't be able to mark, collate or publish files in bulk. That’s where TASK comes in!

What's Teamcenter Automation Solution Kit (TASK)

Our Teamcenter Automation Solutions Kit (TASK®) frees up to 70% of the time it takes to convert, stamp, and output files

It can all be done automatically and embedded as part of your workflow – all without a single keystroke or custom-written program. With our preset templates, you’ll never have to worry about your custom programs aligning with the latest Teamcenter update.

Is TASK Right for My Company?

Although you can write custom programs to automate the manual process, the programs become obsolete as soon as a Teamcenter update occurs – putting you back at square one.

Our Teamcenter Automation Solution Kit gives back the time needed to complete more important assignments on your to-do list and continually remains up-to-date with the latest Teamcenter release for you.

Who Benefits from Teamcenter Automation Solution Kit (TASK)?

Because many industries are heavily regulated, any document that must be shared with customers, vendors, or partners has required a watermark, date stamp, and universal file format (ie: PDF). Oftentimes, a designated colleague is tasked with the manual busywork – taking days to weeks to complete the process.

TASK eliminates manual labor and creates bulk conversions for distributing important documents.

A Complete Solution that Grows with You.

Bring together all of your product information and process in one centralized system. Teamcenter allows you to manage and share mechanical, electrical, software and simulation data. With a plethora of tools that Teamcenter offers, you can easily create and manage every single aspect of your product.

Want to see how Siemens PLM Teamcenter software can help you develop better products faster? Get in touch for a no-strings-attached conversation with one of our PLM specialists. There’s a 30-day free trial too.

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