Siemens Software Solution for Startups

Revolutionizing Startup Engineering Design Capabilities

Swoosh Tech understands the challenges faced by early-stage startups and is committed to delivering cost-effective, high-value software solutions. Our industry-leading software tools enable you to make your engineering startup ideas a marketable product so you can remove barriers.

Siemens Software Solutions for Startups

As your business grows, the tools you’re using should grow with you

With our Siemens NX Startup Program, you have the power and flexibility to seamlessly bring your product to life while leveraging Siemens NX CAD, Simcenter 3D, and Teamcenter – all for a preferred startup price! *Term and condition apply*

Benefits of Siemens Software Startup Program

The Siemens software startup program provides a range of substantial benefits designed to boost both the efficiency and effectiveness of engineering startups.

Accelerated Product Launch

The program provides fully integrated CAD, CAE and PLM Software Applications which streamline and expedite the product development process.

Profitable Revenue Growth

By using Siemens software, such as NX CAD, Simcenter CAE, and Teamcenter, you can increase output quality and productivity.

Reduced Manufacturing Cost

By optimizing design and manufacturing processes, Siemens PLM software can significantly reduce associated costs.

Extended Lifecycle Returns

You can maximize the lifecycle returns of your products with Siemens software by managing and controlling development processes efficiently.

Competitive Advantage

Many successful companies gain competitive advantages using Siemens software like NX CAD/CAM, which is part of the startup program.

Swoosh Technologies Support

Swoosh Technologies can assist startups with installations, deployments, and training on Siemens software, easing their implementation process.

What’s in Siemens Xcelerator Design for Startups Package

NX for Design

NX for Design Startup

The most powerful, flexible, and innovative product development solution in the industry, NX for Design has the features, performance, and capabilities to help you get the product to market faster than ever before.

Simcenter CAE

Simcenter StartUp

Combine the best-in-class system simulation, 3D CAE, and testing solutions and understand product performance better to deliver innovations faster and with greater confidence.

Teamcenter PDM

Teamcenter Startup

A modern, adaptable PLM system that breaks down barriers between people and processes, Teamcenter helps manage the multi-domain development and manufacturing of highly successful products.

Explore Siemens Software Solution for Startups Successes

Siemens Startups: Digitalization to Realization

Immerse yourself in Siemens software startup customer success stories offering an enlightening perspective on the measurable results and remarkable transformations their innovative solutions have brought about in diverse industries.

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