Advanced CAD Processes


About Our Advanced NX CAD Training Course

The Advanced NX CAD training class allows users to go from basic to advanced design processes in Siemens NX CAD. Strengthen your capabilities in parametric solid and surface modeling, interdependent assembly structures, and your entire design processes.

The 4-day class will cover topics, including data exchange and synchronous modeling, advanced curve modeling, spline creation, and modeling operations.

Course Objective - This course is intended for experienced, proficient users of NX and covers more advanced areas
of NX CAD applications. Course competencies include building upon the skill set of existing NX users and
establishing advanced practices for designing parts and building assemblies common to customer business processes. For some topics, advanced NX license bundles are required.

Prerequisites – Either the Swoosh NX CAD Fundamentals, or NX for Experienced CAD Users course or Siemens equivalent, such as CAST or Learning Advantage, and at least 80 hours of actual NX parametric modeling and assemblies practice. Students attending this course are expected to be competent with the user interface, navigation within NX parts and assemblies, feature modeling, and the Master Model concept.

• NX CAD Fundamentals (TR10200) OR
NX for Experienced CAD Users (TR10300)
OR Equivalent NX Experience

Course Agenda

Day 1 –  NXCAD 201

Day 1 of advanced NX CAD training class covers a multitude of features within data exchange, synchronous technology, and curves.

Day 2 –  NXCAD 202

Day 2 of Advanced NX CAD Processes is all about surfacing and shapes and mastering modeling operations.

Day 3 –  NXCAD 203

Get ready to become a pro at sheet metal application and the go-to NX CAD user for design reuse and context on Day 3.

Day 4 –  NXCAD 204

End the advanced NX CAD training class with product knowledge in assembly documentation.

Course No: TR10250
Class Duration: 4 Days
Class Location: Virtual Classroom*
Cost Per Student: $2,560

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