NX Mill Manufacturing Fundamentals

Training Will Be Hosted At:

Aww, rats! This class has ended.

Training Location:

Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology (CCAT)

409 Silver Lane

East Hartford, CT 06118

Website: https://www.ccat.us

Phone: (860) 610 0478

About Our NX Milling Manufacturing (NX2206) Course

Looking for a beginner NX CAM training class? This 4-day NX Mill Manufacturing Fundamentals class is perfect for those new to Siemens NX CAM and trying to become CAM certified. NC programmers new to NX CAM will understand how to create CAM certified tool paths for 2 and 3 axis milling/drilling centers within the software. Also covered includes cutting / non-cutting motions and other NX operations. Upon completion, user will have the capability to create and modify output verified 3-axis NC programs for milling machines. The manufacturing user interface, coordinate systems, tools, and milling operations are discussed during the 4-day beginner NX Manufacturing Fundamentals training course.


• Must have NC/CNC programming methods and machinery knowledge
• Thorough understanding of NC/CNC programming principles

Course Agenda

Day 1 – NXCAM 101
Day 1 of training covers NX CAM’s user interface and the machining environment. Topics include:

Creating Programs | Tips to Ease Use | Navigator Views | Coordinate Systems

Day 2 – NXCAM 102 (18 topics)
On Day 2, Master Model concepts, cavity milling and face milling principles are covered. Other topics include:

Assemblies | Tool Creation | Tool Path Creation | Mill Geometry

Day 3 – NXCAM 103
Over 21+ topics on Visualization, Planar Milling, and Hole Making are lined up for class. Topics include:

3D Dynamics | Machine Control | Machine Cycle | Cutting Parameters

Day 4 – NXCAM 104
Final day of class! We’ll send you back to the real world with basic to intermediate techniques, including;

Adaptive Milling | Fixed Axis Contouring | Z Level Milling | Post Processing | Shop Documentation

Course No: TR20300
Software: NX 2206
Class Duration: 4 Days
Class Location: 409 Silver Lane, East Hartford, CT 06108.
Cost Per Student: $2,200

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