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June 19-20, 2024 | NX CAM Customization
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August 14-15, 2024 | NX CAM Customization
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October 9-10, 2024 | NX CAM Customization
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About Our NX CAM Customization (NX2206) Course

Course No: TR20500
Software: NX 2206
Class Duration: 2 Days
Class Location: Virtual Classroom*
Cost Per Student: $1,320


  • Must have NC/CNC programming methods & machinery knowledge
  • Must have a basic understanding of CAD Modeling & CAD design applications
  • NX Mill Manufacturing Fundamentals (TR20300)

Are you looking to reduce your part programming times, get better efficiencies with common tooling paths, and capture processes for repeatability?  Learn about the breadth of available options for customizing NX CAM and how to create a safe environment to configure the system on your own.  Become proficient with CAM customization options and automation to significantly decrease time spent creating tool paths. Learn how to add new cutting tools, button tool materials, part libraries, acquire new methods to creating new template field files, configure NX output for shop documentation, and automating FBM.

Course Agenda

Day 1 


Getting Started with Customization

  • Sandbox
    • Do not interfere with Production
    • Methods for a “Sandbox”
      • “Start In” location
      • Batch file
  • User Interface
    • Tool Bars
    • Process specific
  • Setup Templates
    • Create a Setup Template
    • Custom Template Tab
    • Custom Configuration file
    • Custom Template Set file


Reuse Library – Manufacturing Fixtures

    • Site vs User Level
      • How to set up both Site and User level reuse libraries
    • Configurable Parts – KRX files
      •  ID/OD soft jaws
    • Standard fixture libraries

Day 2 


Operation Templates

  • Modification to OOTB operations
    • Change standard settings
  • Create custom operations templates
    • Parameter settings
    • Dialog layout
    • Operation property attributes


Solid Tool Creation

  • Milling Tool Assembly
    • Build 3D model of Tool Assembly
    • Create Graphic file
  • Turning Tool Assembly
    • Build 3D model of Tool Assembly
    • Create Graphic file
  • Probe Assembly
    • Build 3D model of Tool Assembly
    • Create Graphic file


Tool and Machining Data Libraries

  • Tool Library
    • File structure
    • Working with library
  • Machining Data Library
    • Tool Machining Data
    • Cut Method, Part Material, Tool Material
    • Machine Tools


Work Instructions

  • Authoring Work Instructions
  • Publishing Work Instructions
  • Custom Work Instruction Formats
    • Modify excel templates
    • Publish HTML docs


Simulation and Verification

  • Basic usage
    • Loading a machine tool
    • Tool Path vs Machine Code-Based Simulation


Feature Based Machining

  • Teach Part
    • Create a Teach Part to build processes
  • Test Part
    • Validate processes that have been created
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