Siemens NX Training At CCAT’s Advanced Technology Center

Swoosh Technologies provides on-site training for NX CAM and CAD at the CCAT Advanced Technology Center located in East Hartford, CT.

Siemens NX Training at CCAT’s Advanced Technology Center

Attending a Siemens NX training class at the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology (CCAT) offers numerous benefits for individuals keen on improving their expertise in the field of Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM).

Swoosh Technologies Partnership with CCAT

The partnership between Swoosh Tech and CCAT’s Advanced Technology Center (ATC) represents a significant step towards enhancing technological competence in the manufacturing sector.

Our specialized expertise in Siemens NX CAD & CAM software training brings an industry-leading approach to education and hands-on learning. When it combines with CCAT’s ATC, renowned for providing accessible, state-of-the-art technology to diverse companies, the result is a powerful symbiosis aimed at empowering manufacturing personnel and organizations.

Through this collaboration, both entities deliver an improved, holistic teaching and learning experience that meets the needs of the current tech-driven industrial landscape. Consequently, manufacturing entities can leverage this partnership to acquire advanced skills, optimize processes, and stay competitive in the ever-evolving digital manufacturing scene.

Siemens NX Training at CCAT FAQs

  • Who can benefit from NX training at CCAT?

    The Siemens NX training with Swoosh Tech at CCAT would primarily benefit professionals involved in various manufacturing processes. These include machinists, CNC programmers, manufacturing engineers, process planners, and NC programmers.

    The training is especially resourceful for those new to Siemens NX CAM looking to become CAM certified as it provides deep insights into creating CAM-certified tool paths for 2 and 3-axis milling/drilling centers within the software.

  • What are the prerequisites for NX CAD/CAM training?

    Prerequisites for this training include basic knowledge of computer systems, CAD modeling or design, and basic knowledge of NX CAM and manufacturing processes.

  • Can a NX Training class be rescheduled or canceled?

    All On-site NX training classes at CCAT are subject to be rescheduled based on the number of students signed up for that class. If the number of students is under 5, then we will reach out to you with a new date for that class. In most cases, we will not cancel a class unless there are underlying circumstances that cannot be avoided.

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