Siemens Medical Engineering

The New Norm for Medical Device Companies and Suppliers

New environmental challenges are becoming the new norm for medical device companies and suppliers. It’s causing a shift in focus from compliancy and quality to simply staying agile within the industry.

Siemens Medical Engineering Software: The Digital Twin

Our Siemens Software Solutions Embraces the Idea of the Digital Twin

It enables companies to seamlessly design, test, manufacture, and deliver products more efficiently – all without needing to leave the CAD environment. With results proven to reduce design time, seamlessly integrate mCAD-eCAD, eliminate the need of physical prototypes for testing, and addressing manufacturing issues prior to hitting the market, we believe that our close-looped technology is capable of improving your manufacturing process.

What Software Solution Works Best for Me?

There’s a lot of CAD / CAM / CAE / PDM software out there, but you maybe unsure which ones are the right ones to leverage? We’ve highlighted our favorite software solutions for heavy equipment and industrial machinery companies.

Siemens Medical Engineering Solutions


NX for Design
Enable users to make faster changes and accelerates development cycles, even with legacy geometry

Solid Edge
Easily create and edit 3D CAD models faster and easier through our unique synchronous technology

Amazing real-time rendering capabilities for your 3D visualization needs.


Predict performance of your product and speed up the simulation process with a best-in-class simulation environment that allows you to fully understand every aspect of your product.

Eliminate the workflow complexity and meshing overheads of old-school CFD software with a full-featured computational fluid dynamics analysis solution.

Improve design verification with a simulation tool that helps improve product performance and reliability.


NX for Manufacturing
Use a wide range of tools to model and simulate your assembly processes that allow you to deliver high quality and products.

Solid Edge CAM Pro (formerly CAMExpress)
Finish the job right the first time with CAM Pro – a modular, flexible configuration of NC programming solutions that maximizes the value of your investments.


Manage the entire lifecycle of all materials used in your medical device product while reducing the manual effort and cost of managing your workflow.

Success in the Medical Industry

Many medical device companies are already leveraging our software solutions. They have reduced design time, optimized product performance and reliability, and eliminated manufacturing constraints for design, development and end use of products.

From Concept to Design

Millions of people throughout the world are dealing with diabetes - requiring the need for insulin pumps to be an effective diabetes management tool.

On the product development side, insulin pumps demonstrate the complexities between the electronics and mechanical functionality of the device. This makes it critical for mechanical and electrical design systems to be seamless and integrated. Otherwise, it creates issues with lost information and limited traceability and visibility to change.

Medical Device eBook on Insulin Pumps

Medical Product Design

The insulin pump started with a primitive shape. Using NX Realize Shape’s surfacing tools, it was easily morphed into the desired shape and, afterwards, refined with the set continuity tool. Edges of the surfaces were made sharper or smooth and creases were smoothed out.

ECAD and PCB Design

Once the shape of the design and its specific components were finalized, the shelled body was used as a reference to develop a printed circuit board (PCB). The need for different components (buttons, switches, and screens) was taken into account when building the board.

Simulation and Analysis

Complex internal electronic components present cooling challenges for designers. Simcenter FloEFD was brought into the design process for its advanced meshing technology. With its seamless platform integration, the meshing process can be easily automated and – once completed – reinserted into the CAD environment.

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