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From the Digital Twin to the Shop Floor

Why waste time starting every job from scratch when you can improve it by up to 90 percent? Our proven single-environment solution allows manufacturers to go from the initial design phase to the shop floor.

The Model-Driven Process

With innovative solutions quickly becoming the new norm for the manufacturing world, companies are reaping many advantages, including: a reduction in cost and time with a digital twin; improved manufacturability with design simulation, a full-scope view of what makes up their product’s data, and a clearer understanding of their product lifecycle using a model-driven process.

By leveraging the existing part model, users can easily prepare a complete set of shop documentation (CNC programs, tool lists, setup sheets and drawings, for instance) and directly transfer to the machine tools on the shop floor – making toolpath creation and validation a seamless task. In addition, it not only provides machine automation capabilities but also the ability to recognize your machining features. In conclusion, our solution enables optimized machining processes.

Enabling Efficiency in Heavy Equipment and Industrial Machinery

The model-driven process ensures efficiency in the manufacturing lifecycle and offers significant advantages, including: associativity to the supplied design data; a concurrent workflow; and product data accuracy. From planning stages to part manufacturing, companies in the heavy equipment / industrial machinery sector have the flexibility to program any job on any machine tool seamlessly with our part design and manufacturing products.


What Software Solution Works Best for Me?

We get it. There’s a lot of CAD / CAM / CAE / PDM software out there, but you may be unsure which ones are the right ones to leverage? We’ve highlighted our favorite software solutions for heavy equipment and industrial machinery companies. (Not sure which is the right software solution for you? Contact our team.)


NX for Design
Enable users to make faster changes and accelerates development cycles, even with legacy geometry.

Solid Edge
Easily create and edit 3D CAD models faster and easier through our unique synchronous technology.

Amazing real-time rendering capabilities for your 3D visualization needs.


Predict performance of your product and speed up the simulation process with a best-in-class simulation environment that allows you to fully understand every aspect of your product.

Eliminate the workflow complexity and meshing overheads of old-school CFD software with a full-featured computational fluid dynamics analysis solution.

Improve design verification with a simulation tool that helps improve product performance and reliability.


NX for Manufacturing
Use a wide range of tools to model and simulate your assembly processes that allow you to deliver high quality and products.

Finish the job right the first time with CAM Pro – a modular, flexible configuration of NC programming solutions that maximizes the value of your investments.


Manage the entire lifecycle of all materials used in your medical device product, while reducing the manual effort and cost of managing your workflow.

Success in the Industry

28pxCurious as to the companies out there who have embraced our software solutions? We’ve highlighted some of our favorite success stories in the heavy equipment / industrial machinery industry.

Two Roads to Toolpath Evolution for Heavy Equipment and Industrial Machinery Industries

Two Roads to Toolpath Evolution

The traditional toolpath route follows a desired profile at a predetermined offset while working its way down into the material. It is most effective when used with the tool’s length on one continuous path. But this approach produces a plethora of crescent shaped paths that go from one end to the other and then back again.

In Two Roads to Toolpath Evolution, Ben Mund (Sr Market Analyst at CNC Software, Inc) introduces dynamic toolpath machining. Get a history lesson on traditional and dynamic machining, as well as strategies that dramatically improve metalcutting productivity.

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