NX Design Services

Does getting your product to the market faster than competitors sound like it’s too good to be true?

We’re here to tell you – it’s not. NX Design streamlines and accelerates the product development process from start to finish.

With the most powerful development solutions in the industry, you’ll have the capabilities of flexibility and efficiency.

Thanks to virtual modeling, you can say goodbye to costly physical prototypes and hello too improved, high quality designs. There’s no doubt that designers face constant barries without the proper innovations at their fingertips. NX Design allows you to have integrated solutions for design, simulation, and manufacturing purposes, providing value to not only you and your team, but your customers too. It also establishes concepts with different toolsets and discipline, all while preserving data within the streamlined process.

Process Automation with NX Design

Create automated processes to produce highly structured parametric designs for downstream value chains. Integrate and consolidate your digital systems to capture best practices and design better products.

Design Intent

Capture and maintain the original design intent to make sensible and predictable changes, allowing for faster revisions and higher quality products.

Feature Recognition

Feature recognition integration with downstream applications.

NX Design on a Whole New Level | NX Mach Series Add-Ons

The NX Mach™ Series offers preconfigured solutions targeted to specific product development disciplines and problems. Extend and enhance functionality of your NX Design with Mach Series add-on modules. These add-ons enable you to configure your solutions to specific requirements with specialized design tools, standard parts applications, design-integrated simulation solutions, programming and customization toolkits and direct translators. Between opportunities for token licensing and core applications, there are a wide array of options that will best suit your company’s direct and timely needs. Token licensing provides extra flexibility by enabling you to activate any software feature without breaking the bank. Core applications on the other hand, provide a multitude of functionalities that enable you to exchange data between proprietary systems and NX, use virtual reality tools, and give you an extra boost with Artificial Intelligence powered command prediction.

What makes NX Design so desirable?

With a long list of features and functions that keep your work at its highest quality and developed on time, NX Design enables you and your team to have everything you need within reach. To encompass all of its features, let’s break it down further:


Automation Design with NX Design

Discover collaboration with toolsets created for design workflows and streamlined processes


Design Interproperability

Prevent conflicts and secure alignment between systems


Design Validation

With visual analytics and validation tools, you will be able to review designs for compliance issues right on the spot


Drafting & Documentation

Create drawings from 3D models with highly efficient drafting tools. This feature also allows you to scale and arrange drawing sheets between layouts.


Industrial Design & Styling

Produce robust models with tools that bring your design from vision to life.


Industrial Electrical Design

Production systems and electrical systems have to be aligned for proper use. This feature warrants an integrated environment so systems are efficient.


Knowledge Reuse

Including comprehensive knowledge reuse, this function will create ease by accelerating and leveraging product designs


Model Based Definition

To replace physical drawings, Model Based Definition helps you complete the design of 3D models


Generative Engineering

A generative design process helps engineers adapt to fast development, all while recognizing the need for refined design constraints.


Modeling Technology Platform

Increase innovation speed with surface modeling, facet-based modeling, and parametrics. … and more!

Need Assistance With NX Design?

To learn more about NX CAD software and the NX Design services we offer, send us a message through the link below.

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