Realize Live 2020

For the first time ever Realize Live 2020 was held online, bringing a plethora of instructional and informational videos right to your computer. Get all the latest information from this year's trade show, including breakouts in:

Human-Centered Innovation

Putting people at the center of design enables more intelligent, rapid and lasting innovation that better equips us to address today's challenges and propel us into the future.


Searching in Active Workspace.

Get an in-depth look at hands on practice on searching in Active Workspace from the user's prospective.

Investigate Workspaces in Active Workspaces.

Re-watch this hands-on tutorial on configuring workspaces to control location and command availability for users.

Teamcenter Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery.

Let's discuss the effective strategies for implementing continuous integration and deployment as part of an overall Dev Ops approach for Teamcenter.

New Deployment Considerations for Teamcenter 12.3.

Learn about the significant changes in deployment architecture for Teamcenter 12.3 and Active Workspace 4.3 (patch releases).

Reduce Deployment Costs Using Deployment Center Dev Ops Tools.

Learn about the new Quick Deploy utility and how it can be integrated with Dev Ops tool.

Top 10 Landmines to Avoid While Implementing Teamcenter Requirements in Your Organization.

Learn about the most common pitfalls while implementing Teamcenter requirements, and how to best navigate your way around them.

MindSphere IoT Cloud to Plant Simulation.

With Plant Simulation, users can identify weaknesses within their manufacturing facility by visually analyzing bottlenecks, throughput analysis, MTTR, OEE, and areas of improvement in 2D/3D.

Capital Breakout

Enabling a Comprehensive Architecture Driven E/E Systems Development Flow.

Explore the strategic position of E/E architecture and show how a digital thread pivoting around E/E architecture can be built.

Accelerating Embedded Software Development with Architecture Driven Flow.

Learn about Capital's new embedded software development tools that accelerate time and verification of software to ensure high quality and adherence to industry standards.

Reimagining Electrical System Development.

Let's showcase tomorrow's products and the demands they make for model based flows, and the tools available today to address them.

Capital in a Whole Product Context – Teamcenter and NX Synergies.

Dive into how Capital integrations add value to customers and how they can be leveraged to solve complex customer challenges.

How Capital Helps Wire Harness Manufacturers Prepare for Industry 4.0.

Learn about the wire harness industry challenges and how Capital's unique solutions help customers overcome them.

Exploit the Digital Twin to Accelerate Creation of E/E Systems Documents and Diagnostics.

Learn about challenges customers face when trying to re-use engineering data and how the use of the digital twin accelerates these processes.

NX CAM & Tecnomatix Breakout

Hendrick Motorsports Manufacturing Race Car Components with NX CAM.

Learn how Hendrick Motorsports uses NX CAM to machine powertrain and vehicle components for high-performance vehicles.

Integrated Robotics and assembly Planning at BSH for Higher Processes Efficiency.

Learn the strategy behind the integrated Digital Factory as BSH, and how they raise overall efficiency and productivity to a deliver detailed plan of production facilities and processes.

Streamline your CAM and CMM Processes using PMI.

Let's cover the emergence of PMI as an industry standard, and how it can be streamlined for higher efficiency and lower cost.

Innovate Service Business by SLM.

This session outlines the approach, current status, initial benefits, and the future roadmap of utilizing Service Lifecycle Management.

3D Material Flow Simulation in the Metal Manufacturing Industry.

Learn how Plant Simulation is used at EMAG to visualize and analyze the manufacturing line in the metal processing industry.

Industrial Production of Big Metal Additive Structures.

This session will present a case study of benefits, applied generative optimization, and design rules for producing large scale hybrid metal additive manufactured optimized structures applicable in many industries.

NX Product Engineering Breakout

Electric Aircraft Design at Bye Aerospace.

Learn how software fully supports Bye Aerospace's innovative multidisciplinary model-based design processes.

Sketcher – Enabling Productivity Gains Through Predictive Behaviors.

See how NX is changing the decade old methodology by harnessing the power of knowledge to eliminate the need for geometric constraints.

Checkmate a Collins Aerospace.

Follow along with this case study to see how Checkmate is utilized to the fullest extent at Collins Aerospace.

Discovering the Value of ECAD MCAD Collaboration.

Take an in-depth look at how Siemens provides a single digital-thread solution to ECAD and MCAD design domain collaboration.

Model Based Definition Success and Challenges.

Follow along as we discuss the challenges and successes from those who have deployed MBD and MBE solutions.

NX Design for Additive Manufacturing.

Learn how NX Design for Additive Manufacturing, Synchronous Modeling and Convergent Modeling will help you realize your vision of an Industrialized Additive Manufacturing process.

Using the New Measure Tool.

Recently, almost all of the measurement tools in NX were consolidated into one dialogue box. Let's go through an in-depth walkthrough of the new Measure tool.

NX CAD: Assembly Constraints and Joints.

A recent addition to Assembly Constraints was the inclusion of joints. Let's cover how to create joints as well as why using joints can be helpful for downstream processes.

Simcenter Breakout

Big Data, IoT & Digital Twins.

Leveraging Big Data can enable non-expert modeling engineers to complete high value system analysis before prototypes are built, and analytically discover issues which normally show up only after a full vehicle build.

Integrated Multidisciplinary Structural Design Use Case at Bye Aerospace.

See how illustrating the digital twin coupled with Bye Aerospace developed innovative design techniques empowering shorter multidisciplinary design cycles and increasing design iterations.

AI Driven Generative Material Design to Optimize a Component's Performance.

Learn how the combined solution of Citrine's materials-aware AI linked with Simcenter simulation solution enables digital integration that can bring enhanced efficiency, sustainability, and performance.

Design Optimization of a Nuclear Pressure Vessel Inlet and an Additively Manufactured Outlet.

Let's cover the design optimization capabilities to optimize the cold flow inlet plenum to minimize pressure drop, while still maintaining vertical uniformity in the upcomer region inside the pressure vessel, and optimize the hot flow outlet plenum to increase mixing.

Finding the Competitive Edge at Joe Gibbs Racing.

Learn about some of the challenges Joe Gibbs Racing faces as they struggle for success in the highly competitive field of NSACAR.

Accelerating Innovation and Adoption of Advanced Materials Through Predicting

This session will cover the Siemens Multimech solution for Materials Engineering, including its True multiscale technology, and how it can be used to accelerate innovation and the adoption of advanced materials.

Solid Edge Breakout

Using Model Based Definition to Communicate Information Throughout the Business.

Learn how to use Model Based Definition to communicate design intent to downstream users of data, such as manufacturing.

Practical Synchronous Technology with Solid Edge.

Learn how to create and edit your 3D CAD models faster and easier with Solid Edge Synchronous Technology.

Cloud Collaboration for NX and Solid Edge.

Take a look at the new cloud collaboration app that makes communicating with colleagues, customers, and suppliers easier to accelerate development decisions making and shorten your product design cycle.

Cutting Edge Manufacturing with Solid Edge.

In this session learn how Solid Edge manufacturing solutions help to define and execute a wide range of traditional and new manufacturing processes including CNC machining, nesting, cutting, bending, molding, welding, assembling, and additive manufacturing.

Intelligent Wiring Diagrams for Electrical Systems Design.

Learn from real company experience about how the adoption of new software and new methodologies of ECAD/MCAD collaboration resolved their historical design challenges.

The Art of Assembly Modeling.

Learn how to make the best use of the the more advanced Assembly workflows and latest functionality to quickly increase your productivity.

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