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New year, new NXU

Wednesday, March 17th, 2021
9:30 AM – 4 PM CT

"After 25 years using NX I never knew that I can set expressions at the input boxes by typing X=25 and create new expressions on the fly. NX University was very well done."

NX University Fall 2020 Attendee

"I am our office’s NX 'Guru' and run a monthly NX tips and tricks meeting. NX University will help me to continue to bring new content to my office."
NX University Fall 2020 Attendee

"A lot more informative than Siemens' Realize Live."

NX University Fall 2020 Attendee

Interested in presenting at NX University?

What would I present?

Every year we uncover hidden tips and tricks in our most popular session, Hidden Gems in NX. This year, we wanted to see what you have up your sleeve.

Show us what you got.

Maybe it's an alternative way to edit features or how to mass-edit CAM parameters. Whether it's a hidden trick or just a helpful feature you use every day, show us how it's done.

10-minutes or less

We'll reach out to discuss your topic and how to go about recording.

Enrollment begins January 20th, 2021.

Check back here to save your seat.

What should I expect at NXU?

A Full Day of Virtual Workshops

Get up to speed with the newest features and best practices for modeling and manufacturing in NX. Our Application Engineers host specialized CAD and CAM learning tracks for every NX user. Agenda to be released February 17th.

Live Discussions

Chat with the presenters in the live chat and get your questions answered during 2 live Q&A sessions at noon and the end of the day.

Valuable Insights

The most helpful bits of information from our training classes, handpicked by the instructors. Get the highlights from our weeklong courses.

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