A full day of virtual training workshops
for the NX CAD & CAM user.

Wednesday, March 17th, 2021
9:30 AM – 4 PM CT

2021/03/17 09:30:00

"After 25 years using NX I never knew that I can set expressions at the input boxes by typing X=25 and create new expressions on the fly. NX University was very well done."

NX University Fall 2020 Attendee

"I am our office’s NX 'Guru' and run a monthly NX tips and tricks meeting. NX University will help me to continue to bring new content to my office."
NX University Fall 2020 Attendee

"Great speakers and worth attending!"

NX University Fall 2020 Attendee

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All times in Central Time. Agenda subject to change. Download PDF version.

9:30 AM

Welcome to NXU 2021!

Get a preview of the day’s sessions so you can plan your schedule. Plus, learn a little about your presenters and see where to access additional NX learning resources.

10 AM

What's New in NX Design

Take a peak at new capabilities and enhancements from NX 1953, available to use today including: more sketching enhancements • algorithmic modeling • convergent bodies with mixed geometry • replace face of mesh command • automated authoring of PMI • PMI advisor for validation and guidance • appearance management • mold cooling and forming analysis • physical material integration

What's New in NX Manufacturing

Siemens engineers join us to look at the latest release of NX CAM and what's planned for the upcoming release including: MCS “On Blank: & “On Part Box” • assembly load options • day one training vs. manufacturing tutorials • process patterning • deburring and chamfering • adaptive in planar milling • part stock set as final floor & wall • cutting tool relief • rough turn smooth • rough turn multi channel • plus an exclusive look at the next NX release from Siemens engineers

11 AM

Hidden Gems in NX Design

Tips, tricks, and best practices to change up the way you design.

Hidden Gems in NX Manufacturing

Get unstuck from your rut and utilize these new programming techniques to machine more efficiently.

12 PM

NX Here, There, & Everywhere

See how CAD, CAM, and other data is managed inside NX, whether you’re working from home with coworkers across town or around the world. See how to search for a part, save and create a part, sort different revisions of a part, and release it.

12:30 PM

Office Hours – NX Design

The morning presenters will join a live discussion to answer your questions from the live chat.

Office Hours  – NX Manufacturing

The Swoosh & Siemens engineers will answer your questions from the live chat in a live discussion and Q&A.

1:30 PM

Selected NX CAD Topics

The most valuable insights from our NX training classes including sheet metal, surface modeling, assembly, and technical data package topics.

In Process Workpiece

An essential CAM topic from our NX training classes that includes roughing, finishing, semi-finishing, and transferring a part.

2:30 PM

Integrated Design Simulation

Spend more time testing and less on prototypes with stress analysis wizard, linear static analysis, vibration wizard, and Simcenter 3D structures.

3 PM

New NX Sketcher vs Old Sketcher

The new way to sketch is quite different, but the time it takes to learn is worth the advantages including new “make” commands like make coincident, and create persistent relations.

Post Configurator vs Post Builder

Out with the old, in with the new. John looks at what’s changed and why it’s better including using layers to reuse data and buffers in the post.

3:30 PM

Office Hours & Thank You!

All the engineers get together one last time to answer your questions from the afternoon, plus we give away 25 NXU Yeti bottles.

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