NX Token Licensing

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What are NX Tokens?

NX Tokens Licensing allows existing NX CAD users access to a broad range of add-on products – including Mold Design, Progressive Die, and Realize Shape. By using NX tokens, users can go beyond their Mach* package limitations and enable features offered in NX CAD that were never an option prior – all without breaking the bank.

With its flexibility, NX Token Licensing helps all company sizes dramatically lower the costs and risks associated with new projects. It also allows users to run a wide variety of applications simultaneously and on an occasional basis.

Over 50 unique CAD add-on products are included in NX Token Licensing and shareable among teams.

* NX Token Licensing is available to NX Mach 1 Design or higher.


Why consider the token investment?

  1. Tokens are available in sets that are referred to as “value packs”. You will need to check what NX version you are running as the NX Tokens option is available in NX 12.0.2, NX 1872, or higher.
  1. Each NX CAD add-on in the token pool consumes a defined number of tokens when in use. The total number of add-ons that be checked out on top of the bundle is limited by the number of tokens the user has available.
  1. Once a user has exited NX, the token amount is released back into the pool – allowing fellow colleagues to leverage add-on options on their end.

What mach bundles are compatible with tokens?

To purchase and use a token product, you must have NX Mach 1 floating bundle or higher, or an automotive bundle as a base license.

Compatible NX Mach Bundles
  • NX11110 / NX91110 | NX Mach 1 Design (Floating)
  • NX12100 / NX92100 | NX Mach 2 Product Design
  • NX13100 / NX93100 NX Mach 3 Product Design
  • NX13110 / NX93110 NX Mach 3 Additive Design with Convergent
  • NX13200 / NX93200 NX Mach 3 Mold Design
  • NX13210 / NX93210 NX Mach 3 Progressive Die Design
  • NX13300 / NX93300 NX Mach 3 Industrial Design
  • NX14112 / NX94112 NX Mach 4 Marine Craft Design
Compatible Automotive Bundles
  • DS5010 Daimler Supplier Entry Bundle
  • DS50501 Daimler Supplier Engineering Bundle
  • DS50511 Daimler Supplier Advanced Engineering Bundle
  • DS5040 Daimler Supplier BEMI/ME Add-on Bundle
  • AS50501 Automotive Supplier Engineering Bundle
  • AS5010 Automotive Supplier Entry Bundle
  • AS50511 Auto Supplier Advanced Engineering Bundle

How does NX Token Licensing Work?

Each NX CAD add-on will be assigned a token value. It allows NX users to checkout any number of add-ons – based on the amount left in the pool.

Curious if the NX Token Licensing option is a good fit for your business? Use our token observer and see.

What are my cost savings with NX Tokens?

The Value Based Licensing option offers NX users a plethora of products that can be leveraged on a daily basis. Understand the difference in pricing and ROI with our cost savings calculator.
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