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Capture, refine, and design concepts faster with NX CAD software.

How to Reduce up to 30 percent Design and Development Time with this NX CAD Software.

NX CAD Design (NX CAD) gives engineers the ability to enhance product ideation, development, and manufacturing processes while also working seamlessly with data from other NX CAD systems. With its built-in synchronous technology, geometry is easily created and edited with unparalleled push and pull editing – even in the most complex models. This NX CAD software provides a variety of tools for specialized design tasks (including sheet metal design, weld design, electrical, and mechanical design) and templates that help accelerate design and standardize engineering processes.

Experience no limitation on NX CAD design software with tools and technology that maximizes speed, productivity, and efficiency while dramatically reducing up to 30 in percent design time, development time, and costs.

What can I do in NX CAD software?

Concept Design

Realize Shape
NX Layout
Topology Optimization
Industrial / Freeform

Product Design

Convergent Modeling
Solids / Feature Modeling
Assembly Modeling
2D Drafting
Airframe Features
Mechanical Surfacing
Sheet Metal Design
PCB Exchange
Electrical Routing

Specialty Design

Airframe Features
Mechanical Surfacing
PCB Exchange
Mechanical Routing
Electrical Routing

Process Automation

Product Template Studio
Reuse Library
Mechatronics Concept Designer
NX Open
Automotive Wizards
Visual Reporting

Product Integration

Content Migration Manager
Active Workspace


2D-to-3D Synchronous Technology
Freeform Synchronous Technology
Model Based Definition

Flexibility Versatility in NX CAD Software

With its seamless integration of wireframe, surface, solid, and facet modeling tools and techniques, Siemens NX CAD software gives users the ability to go from feature to feature without having to switch applications or transfer data. Its flexible modeling tools include:

Surface/Solid Modeling with this NX CAD Software
Best-in-class surfacing tools integrated within a single design environment

Subdivision Modeling
Intuitive push-pull methods of defining shapes

Convergent Modeling
Enables facets and b-rep modeling using a single part

Synchronous Modeling with NX CAD Software
Simple to use direct editing tools – regardless of source and feature history

Why Design with NX CAD Design Software?

NX CAD Software x Design Versatility

“You can work in a more innovative way, combining the capabilities of Alias, SolidWorks, and Space Claim in a single tool.”

NX CAD x Product Stability

“Not a single corruption through hundreds of major design changes.”

NX CAD x Synchronous Technology

“For editing imported or old models and for CAE pre-processing.”

S W O O S H  C U S T O M E R  S P O T L I G H T S

Emelody logo 2

Changing the World One Project at a Time

Emelody Worldwide is a technology company focused on applied research and demonstrator systems. With a focus on changing the world by opening the doors of knowledge, innovation, and exploration of science, Siemens NX is a must-have. With a team of multi-disciplined individuals focused in the areas of mathematics, aerospace, automotive, medical, and consumer design, they are ready to take on the next generation of problems while using Siemens NX CAD software and CAM software in the process.

Varda Space Industries logo in black font with a white background

Building the World's First Commercial Zero-Gravity Industrial Park with Siemens Software

Varda Space Industries, headquartered in Torrance, California, strives to build the very first commercial zero-gravity space factories for earth-bound products. With reusable rockets having lowered the cost to access space, there are a number of products that can only be manufactured in space (i.e.: more powerful fiber optic cables, new pharmaceuticals, etc.) — this is where Varda Space comes into play with its mission to accelerate innovation in the space industry and creating products that will benefit life on Earth.

Varda Space Industries relies on Siemens software (NX, Teamcenter, Simcenter) to design and manufacture their space factory.

Uniti Sweden

“Electric cars make sense,” states Lewis Horne, CEO at Uniti Sweden. “And the focus was making electric cars make more sense [to consumers].” Concerned with mobility issues, the startup’s goal was to limit pollution and congestion issues in populated cities. Using a process based on “fail-fast” iterations and collective data files (including sketches, 3D printed models, and CAD meshes), they used typical development tools in ways unique to their needs.


Jell, a leader in additive manufacturing, is a top player in consumer products. Since their start, the company’s 3D printed products have been an essential for appliance companies – from coffee machines to vacuum cleaners. Their secret to their growth and success? NX CAD design. “We’ve been using Siemens NX for many years,” explains Sebastian Hochwarter (Development & Design at Jell). “The advantage of the program is that all the features are in one package – you don’t need to export and import files. It makes it a great time saver.”


Specializing in metal laser melting, robotics, injection molding and moldmaking, Toolcraft expanded and transitioned from prototyping to producing usable parts. With growth came the reality of needing to produce tools faster than conventional manufacturing without quality issues. The company turned to NX CAD’s additive manufacturing functionality to design optimization, build preparation, and print management.

Get Started with Siemens NX CAD Software

Interested in learning more about Siemens NX CAD design or would like some more information? Awesome! Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for more general or specific information, demo requests, quotes or anything else needed from us.

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