IMTS 2022 with Swoosh Technologies

IMTS 2022 Booth #135788 | East Building, Level 3 | 9:00am - 5:00pm

What is IMTS, and What Does IMTS Stand For?

IMTS 2022– The International Manufacturing Technology Show, the largest and longest-running industry trade show in the Western Hemisphere, is held every other year at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois. IMTS 2022, which will run September 12-17, 2022, is where the creators, the builders, the sellers, and the drivers of manufacturing technology come to connect and be inspired. Interested in diving deeper into NX CAM and the world of manufacturing? Get your IMTS 2022 registration done today to prepare for the biggest technology in manufacturing show of the year!

Swoosh Technologies is proud to be one of the IMTS 2022 exhibitors this year. Our CAD/CAM experts will be live on-site at IMTS 2022 this year to help you get the most out of your NX CAM investment.

From feature-based machining to synchronous modeling, tool data management and beyond, our team has a combined 185+ years of PLM experience so you can supercharge your manufacturing environment. As an IMTS 2022 exhibitor, we are striving to help you reduce your programming time while increasing your productivity! Learn even more about NX CAM with Swoosh Technologies at IMTS 2022!
Dan Wibbenmeyer, Managing Partner at Swoosh Technologies
Dan Wibbenmeyer

PLM Solution Consultant

Phil Roth

PLM Solution Consultant

James Herauf

PLM Solution Consultant

John Vincent - Specialized in Beginner NX CAM, Intermediate and Advanced NX CAM Trainer
John Vincent

Application Engineer, NX CAM Expert

Michael Allegro, Regional Director at Swoosh Technologies
Michael Allegro

PLM Solution Consultant

Ivan Heller

Application Engineer, TDM Expert

Ron Barnthouse

Application Engineer

At Swoosh, we're known for pushing NX CAM to the MAX.

Manufacturers that have worked with us have been able to achieve:

– 90% reduction in programming time with feature-based machining

– Efficiently leverage high-speed machining, 5-axis milling and robotics

– Minimize manual input and create highly optimized processes to machine complex parts

 – Simulate and validate NC programs in the machine tool process & more!


Are you ready to take the next step with your manufacturing? Start your IMTS 2022 registration now to see Swoosh Technologies as one of this year's IMTS 2022 exhibitors!

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