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In today’s ever-changing world of technology, being updated on the latest products and features are a must. With this Siemens Resources page, receive all the downloadable content you need to learn and get your company ahead of the game.

Siemens PLM eBooks

Product Focus: NX CAM

eBook: Small companies save big with digital transformation in manufacturing

Grab a copy of this eBook to see how digital transformation in manufacturing can help you innovate, grow, and stay competitive in today’s market.

Beyond traditional industry challenges, small manufacturing companies face unprecedented challenges to reduce costs, increase productivity, and go to market faster with greater innovation. The good news is digital manufacturing investments represent a multi-million dollar opportunity for manufacturers like you.

Time Wasters in CAD

Product Focus: NX CAD

eBook: Time Wasters in CAD

Grab a copy of this eBook to see how you can build successful PDM strategies against your competitors.

The design teams of high-performing companies are up to 25% more productive than their industry peers. This eBook provides insight about how your team can do the same by investing more time in product innovation through PDM strategies in CAD design.


Product Focus: NX CAM

eBook: NX CAM in the Digital Machine Shop

Grab a copy of the eBook why NX CAM has great benefits in the modern era of machine shops.

How do you know the technology you’re using is truly best suited for your company? The eBook NX CAM x The Digital Machine Shop provides insight about the roadblocks preventing efficient machine shop operations, new technologies that transform part manufacturing, and ways to become more competitive and profitable.

Guide to Manufacturing

Product Focus: NX CAM

eBook: An Executive Guide to Manufacturing

Want to learn from the best manufacturing executives?
In this eBook, learn all about the challenges found in the part manufacturing industry and how machine shops are overcoming them with CAM.


Product Focus: NX CAM

eBook: Faster, Better Machining

Grab a copy of the eBook on how to accelerate CNC machining without sacrificing safety or control.

In the machining world, time is everything. This eBook provides insight about the value of intelligence through advanced machining techniques. What you’ll learn will help keep your company ahead of the game!

Key Assets

Product Focus: NX CAM

eBook: Key Assets For Digital Manufacturing

It's no secret that manufacturing lead time is highly important in the shop. Fortunately, many challenges like this one can be addressed with digital manufacturing. Dive a little deeper to solve your greatest issues in this eBook!


Product Focus: Solid Edge

eBook: How to Leverage Your Designs

Grab a copy of this eBook to see how you can leverage designs with new technologies.

Although meeting tight deadlines and schedules can be a challenge within SMB companies, there's luckily a solution to overcome this. In this eBook, you'll learn how to leverage new designs that boost productivity with  convergent modeling, generative design capabilities, and more.

PCB Design

Product Focus: Solid Edge

eBook: PCB Design – Benefits of Collaboration

Grab a copy of the eBook on how to maximize the benefits of collaboration in PCB design.

This eBook provides insight about the value of digitalization and the importance of selecting the right technology solution for you. Engineers know that combining devices and control systems with many circuit boards (PCBs) can be a challenge. This eBook provides insight about how to hit deadlines, keep costs on target, and ensure products work as intended.

Wiring and Harness

Product Focus: Solid Edge

eBook: How to Resolve Electrical System Changes

The design of electrical systems is crucial! Supply too little power and electronics won’t run properly. Supply too much and electronics may be damaged. This eBook provides insight about how your company can reap the benefits of these design processes.

Portfolio Buyer's Guide

Product Focus: Solid Edge

eBook: Buyer’s Guide for Engineers

Grab a copy of the eBook on how to select essential tools for product design.

How do engineers know what tools are best-suited for their product design? This eBook provides insight about the value of digitalization and the importance of selecting the right technology solution for you.

Smart Connected Products

Product Focus: PDM

eBook: Simplify Work with Smart Connected Products

Want to get ahead of the game?
Read all about the current drawbacks you face at work, benefits of product collaboration, and how to track everything in one place within this *complimentary* eBook.

PLM eBook

Product Focus: PLM

eBook: How to Coordinate Designs Across Domains

Collaboration among your design team can be challenging with long email chains and crowded shared drives. The good news is that there's a better way to tackle this common problem! This eBook walks readers through processes of how to shorten design times while getting to market faster.

PLM of the Future Cover

Product Focus: PLM

eBook: How to Execute and Manage Design Releases

Extended design review processes slow down a lot of companies, but fortunately, digital solutions make it possible for companies to speed them up. The ebook, “ How to Fast Track the Execution of Design Releases” examines how you can create a single source for requirements, manage updates in a central location, and automate tasks to address these challenges.

BOM Content

Product Focus: PLM

eBook: BOM Management Made Simple

Adopting a process that includes digital solutions can help provide ease when it comes to creating an accurate BOM. The eBook,  BOM Management Made Simple , highlights the downfalls associated with BOM creation and management while offering a more simplified approach.

Siemens Downloadable Infographics

Mold, Tool, and Die

Product Focus: NX

Infographic: Gain a Competitive Advantage in the Mold Tool & Die Industry

Out with the old, and in with the new! Now is the time to transform your tooling development process with advanced automation, while overcoming challenges within the tooling industry such as:
  • Increasing product quality
  • Lowering supplier costs
  • Shortening product delivery times
  • Creating faster turnaround
Learn how these fully integrated solutions can improve productivity, accelerate the process, reduce costs and improve quality in this infographic.
3D Printing

Product Focus: NX

Infographic: 3D Printing and its Impact on Manufacturing

Grab a copy of the infographic to learn more about the impacts of 3D printing on companies like yours.

This infographic provides insight about how 3D printing innovations will play a significant role in reshaping how we design products in the upcoming years.

PDM for SolidWorks

Product Focus: PDM

Infographic: PDM for SolidWorks

Grab a copy of this Infographic to see how your team can utilize the best tools for productivity.

When PDM is right inside of SolidWorks, your designers can seamlessly interact with product data and processes. For anyone else that may need access, all they need is a smart device or web browser.

PLM Secrets

Product Focus: PLM

Infographic: Key Secrets to PLM

Secrets, secrets are so fun, these secrets get your business done!
This quick Siemens guide will help you learn the top 5 PLM selection criteria so you can make the right investment for your needs today, with room to grow tomorrow.

Siemens Downloadable Webinars

NX Moldmaking

Product Focus: NX

Webinar: Disrupting the Moldmaking Industry

iMFLUX, a wholly owned subsidiary of Procter and Gamble, delivers solutions for the injection molding industry. By using innovative tool design and manufacturing technology, iMFLUX has transformed the end-to-end process ― from CAD part model through mold design all the way to machining molds with extremely high accuracy.

Join this webinar to learn how choosing the right software helped iMFLUX run a flexible and successful operation.

Mold Tool and Die Faster

Product Focus: NX

Webinar: Deliver Top Quality Injection Molds 40% Faster

The design and manufacturing process are two major components in creating products. As solutions develop over time, companies who haven’t implemented digital technologies are still facing several challenges, such as:
  • Long delivery times
  • Slow turnaround
  • High supplier costs
  • Global Competition


But don’t fret! This webinar focuses on how tooling companies can effectively leverage specialized tooling knowledge to address these pesky problems.

Multi-Axis Machining

Product Focus: NX CAM

Webinar: Multi-Axis Machining Game Changers

Watch this free webinar on Multi-Axis Machining to see the benefits of emerging technologies.

Long considered to be the specialty of high-end aerospace components manufacturers, multi-axis machining is now transforming part production across industries. Find out how the right software can help your machine shop stay competitive using highly efficient multi-axis machining.


Join this webinar to:

  • Learn about new, automated 5-axis machining strategies
  • Watch real examples of aerospace parts machining
  • Get insights into new technological solutions
CNC programming

Product Focus: NX CAM

Webinar: Increase Production in CNC Programming

Watch this free webinar on how you can stay ahead in CNC Programming.

Now more than ever, time is money. It’s no secret that people value time over almost anything, and we all search for ways to do this while remaining productive. Are you curious about how the latest technology could boost your productivity and save time too?


In this webinar, learn the capabilities of rapid CNC programming, including:
  • Optimize part models
  • Quickly create in-process stage models
  • Automate CAM programming for 90% faster processes
  • And more!

Product Focus: NX CAM

Webinar: How to Thrive with CAM Automation

This quick, 30-minute webinar provides the same simple steps to automate, connect, and accelerate part manufacturing from start to finish so you can thrive in your own CAM environment.

Secrets for SolidWorks

Product Focus: PDM

Webinar: Secrets for SolidWorks

Shhh… don’t tell! This webinar showcases all of the SolidWorks secrets you’ve been looking for to achieve successful PDM against your competitors. 

Learn how you can bring together design data of diverse applications and locations into a single, secure system within no time.

Best PDM for SolidWorks

Product Focus: PDM

Webinar: The Best PDM for SolidWorks

Implement the best PDM for SolidWorks

Within just one week, you can implement this integration and immediately improve design productivity by 25%.

Whether you have 5 or 50 SolidWorks users, learn how to easily find, share, and reuse designs from any MCAD source, select and edit Bill of Material (BOM), manage assemblies, and access engineering change orders.

Want to know more? This webinar has all the answers.

Data Migration

Product Focus: Solid Edge

Video: Easily Migrate Your SOLIDWORKS Data to Solid Edge

Two primary considerations while moving CAD data from one platform to another include the migration itself along with how the translation will work. With innovative tools, you can easily and quickly migrate your SOLIDWORKS data and convert files into classic Solid Edge files.

Product Focus: PLM

Webinar: Key Benefits of PLM

Gain it all with PLM.

Implementing a new PDM program may sound intimidating at first, but with the proper support and resources at hand it is well worth it. So, what do you have to gain?
  • Access data anywhere, any time, and on any device
  • Virtually connect your design and manufacturing teams
  • Deliver accurate information to your shop floor


Learn more from this insightful Siemens webinar.

Siemens Downloadable White Papers

SMB Manufacturing

Product Focus: NX CAD

White Paper: Digital Transformation for SMB Manufacturers

Grab a copy of the white paper on digital transformation.

What does digital transformation mean for small to medium businesses? This IDC InfoBrief examines the current and future investment plans of different-sized manufacturers. The white paper gives insight into when product and development plans were adjusted and how it improves the process.

Multi-Disciplinary Design

Product Focus: NX CAD

White Paper: Decrease Barriers for Multi-disciplinary Design

Grab a copy of the White Paper on how to maximize the benefits of delivering quality, fast, and informed designs.

This White Paper provides insight about how lowering the barriers between disciplines and integrating design environments can lead to more productive, frictionless working environments for electromechanical designs.

Automotive CAD

Product Focus: NX CAD

White Paper: Automotive CAD

Grab a copy of the White Paper on how you can ensure data integrity is efficient and effective between critical designs.

How do companies know what tools are best-suited for product design and security? This White Paper provides insight about the modern tools that designers can directly synchronize with data.

Top Manufacturer

Product Focus: NX CAM

White Paper: How to Become an Industry-Leading Manufacturer

Over the next five years, it is projected that companies will be drastically changing their efforts to better serve company development. When considering these changes, the end goal is typically the same: company growth, increased productivity, and higher profits.

Ask yourself:

Which technologies are leading companies adopting?
What steps do they take to be successful? 

To find the answers to these questions, download this White Paper.
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