Flexible manufacturing for small to medium business


Recently, large companies have learned to adopt low volume/high mix production strategies more often employed by your less massive competitors. As a small to medium-sized business, your flexibility to produce a high variety of products in small quantities or unique and complex products with specific quality requirements have long been your competitive advantage, but they are now at risk.

But, the lack of control in any of these areas can negatively impact customer commitment, loss of market share and revenue or hinder growth. How do you maintain control and flexibility to defend against this encroaching threat? Siemens has developed a pathway for you to gain control and continue to be a market leader with software solutions that fit your budget. Fill out the form below and we’ll get in touch with you.

Boost productivity with automated manufacturing processes

By digitalizing the end-to-end operations using one software system, machine shops can transform the way they make parts, achieving powerful advantages, including:

  • Improved time to market: Automate end-to-end processes to accelerate production and be agile to customer requests
  • Higher part quality: Optimize production processes to improve first time yield and improve part quality
  • Standardized manufacturing processes: Accumulate and re-use company knowledge to ensure repeatability
  • Getting the edge: Use breakthrough technologies to stay ahead
  • Regulatory compliance: Track, trace and control processes

Solve complexity with factory simulation software

No organization exists in isolation; digitalization extends throughout the ecosystem and collaboration between organizations is necessary to create value. IT/OT is the cornerstone of a successful system. By investing in an integrated solution, you can increase the usefulness of real-time collaboration with suppliers, monitor resources and inventory, and proactively adjust schedules and machine resources as customer requirements evolve.

We believe in removing the barriers preventing you from implementing proven, integrated design solutions. By offering fully integrated, affordable options through Siemens Xcelerator as a Service, you can produce high-quality products, address increased competitive pressure, and shorten cycle times while staying on budget and creating a sustainable platform for success and growth.

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