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How to Acquire an NX9 License File from Siemens PLM

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How to Acquire an NX 9 License File from Siemens PLM

Installing NX is only half of the two main tasks required before NX can run. The second task is to install the license server, which requires a valid NX license file. The following post provides a detailed explanation of acquiring a license file directly from the Siemens PLM GTAC for new and existing NX customers.

Note: You will need a valid Webkey from Siemens PLM that is delivered after your account has been processed.

Starting with NX4, released in 2005, NX uses an updated version of FlexLM from FlexeraSoftware to manage its licenses. Most customers purchase floating licenses but even with node-locked licenses a license server must be installed.

Siemens PLM will issue a temporary 7-day license for you to use until you settle on what machine you want to install as a license server.  In the meantime, you need to gather three pieces of information:

•    Host ID – the physical address, or MAC address, of the computer’s Ethernet adapter.
•    Composite ID – the unique ID generated from the UGS_composite ID utility.
•    Hostname – the assigned name of the computer or server on which the license will be installed.

Note: The hostname in the license file is not the same as the host ID. The hostname and the composite ID become part of the NX license file.  If Siemens PLM is not provided with the hostname of the license server, it is the customer’s responsibility to enter it themselves.

Running the NX Setup Program

If you have already received the NX Installation media, run the NX setup program, “Launch.exe” from the software installation folder (i.e. nx-9.0.0-64bit) and click the “Get the composite host ID” option.

Acquiring the NX Setup Program

Download the utility from the Siemens PLM website or contact Swoosh Technologies support for the getcid.exe utility and run it on the server machine. The output of the ugs_composite utility looks like this:

Generally, the CID (composite ID) displayed will be the CID of the Ethernet Adaptor within the computer. If other CID’s are listed, they might include a Wi-Fi adaptor or other irrelevant networking devices within the computer. The CID is needed for Siemens to generate the proper licenses and cannot be edited by the customer.

Next log in to the Siemens PLM GTAC website and enter the needed information. Expand the “License Management Group.”

New Customers

If you are a new customer, click “Register your Composite Host ID (CID).”

Select the “Composite Host ID” button.

Register your CID by entering the characters. After completing this step, Siemens will then process the information and generate a license file for THAT computer at your company. This may take 24-48 hours but the file will be emailed to the Customer Contact Email Address on file for your company.

To verify the Customer Contact on file, select the “Sold-To/Install” link shown above.

Existing Customers

If you are an existing customer with a CID on file with Siemens, select the option for “Current Licenses.”

Enter or select your Sold-To/Install number in the upper left and press Enter. Then select the “Passwords and License Files” link.

Select “Unigraphics NX” as the product and then “9” as the Version. (NX9 license files allow previous versions to run.) Then click “Continue”.

A new license file is created based on stored information for that Webkey account (MAC address, Composite ID, etc.). Download and Save the file (defaults to your temp download folder). Download and save the “ugnx9.dat” file to the appropriate folder.

This process works for getting license files for your current server on the file in your account with Siemens PLM. If you need to change server machines, contact Swoosh Technologies here for help in filing the request.

Checking the License File Content

Upon receiving the license file, you want to inspect the content.

1.    Check the Sold-To/Install number to make sure it is for NX and not Solid Edge.
2.    Check the Contact Name and E-mail Address to make sure it is the name and address of the contact or CAD administrator of the customer and not a contractor or outside service company.
3.    Check the creation date.
4.    Check that it is an NX9 license file.
5.    Note whether or not the server hostname has been included. If not, make sure that an explanation of changing it to the correct hostname is clearly communicated to the customer. The hostname (computer name) of the server MUST be included in the SERVER line of the license file in order for the license to work properly.
6.    Check the cid.
7.    Check that either the port “28000” or the word “any” follows the cid. This license service uses port 28000 by default, so that port must be unused on the license server or the port number will need to be edited to an unused number, i.e. 28001.
8.    Check for an expiration date – there should not be an expiration date if it is a permanent license file.



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