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NX continuous update ?

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 I read with interest David's posts on the topic of NX continuous updates, and watched his videos.

I first download NX 1847 and installed, but did no updates, since 1872 was available.

I then downloaded 1872, installed it and turned on the software update notify and download option in customer defaults. I was informed there was an update, and it went smoothly, took a short amount of time, and as advertised it updated NX to 1892.

 The next day, I was informed there was another update. This time it took a very long time to download. When it finally finished, I tried to install it to my NX folder (that 1872 was installed to), but it would not do it, it gave an an error that it could not overwrite it. I had to completely reinstall NX to a new folder. It was 1899 the 2x yearly release (non backwards compatible.)

 I was not expecting this to happen. This to me means every user will have to have a full load of NX every 6 months to keep up to date?

 And the network launch will have to be edited every 6 months in regards to the company custom customer defaults .dpv and .env setting all users use when they launch NX? These files contain literally 100s of edited company specific values and settings.

 (To be clear, currently each design user has a full install of NX on their local computer, but when they launch a bat file sets all customer defaults and environmental variables per company standards.)

 The company I work with has many seats. The viewer and gateway seats (many) can probably be controlled with a network install of NX (may be a lot slower) (and hopefully the server license manager will recognize the different users from different computers to check out the license), but the design seats are an issue.

 A network install of NX (versus local to each user) may work, and I think resolve the issue?, but may be lots slower, and cause network related problems, and therefore be a bigger issue with user complaints on speed, and downtime issues? Need input on other companies with many seats and how and if they handle such?

 My mistaken (?) impression was that the continuous updates of NX would not require a full install, much like Windows updates??

 Please review and comment, and let me know if I am missing something?

Thank you for your time............James D'Aoust Consulting.


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Hi Jim,

Your observations about the NX 1899 update are accurate.  Back in the previous series, going from NX 1847 series to NX 1872 had to be done manually.  Siemens didn't make the automatic update available at all, maybe because of 1872 was the beginning of a new series that wasn't backwards compatible to the 1847 series.  You're right that the 1899 series is not backwards compatible with 1872 series.

The monthly updates are not a "full" update and the automatic downloads are much smaller, on the order of <2GB versus 7GB for the full updates.  

For large user populations, there is a remote installation procedure that an administrator can use to control when to apply updates to users' computers instead of relying on users to manage it themselves.  This can be done with either the incremental update or the full update.  It's described in the readme file for each NX release, but here is the excerpt;


The installation of NX as an upgrade can also be accomplished by
an automatic, unattended install. This feature may aid those System Administrators
with a large number of site installations.

Use of this type of installation is intended for experienced installers only.

Performing an unattended upgrade installation can be done with the command line:

setup.exe /s /v"/qn+ /L*v c:\temp\upgrade.log"

This will update installed files in the NX environment to the new NX
version of the files. The setup.exe will update the product using all of the available
MSP files in the same location as setup.exe. Do not rename, remove or add MSP files to
this location as it will invalidate the update installation.

Note: The + on the /qn+ will pop-up an end dialog when the install is complete.
If you want a completely silent installation with no pop-up, omit the +.


I hope this helps to answer your questions.

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Thanks David for your response.

I know and read documentation / saw your videos on the "silent upgrade". I am a little fuzzy on it.

As a consultant now, I would like more clarity, if you can provide.

Have you experience with it other than the documentation?

If a "fundamental" release (non-backwards compatible for models every 6 months) is released does it work (As noted, that requires a complete reinstall of NX)?, or just for maintenance type releases?

 Does it maintain all the customer defaults settings? Or just the ones that have not been rewritten or separated out like NX did from NX 12 to 1847 to 1872 to 1899?

 Other comments?

Thank you sir..............JDC


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