NX Mill Manufacturing Fundamentals (TR20300)

4 Day Class
NC programmers new to NX CAM will accelerate in understanding how to create tool paths for 2 and 3 axis milling/drilling centers in NX, cutting and non-cutting motions, and the creation and post processing of NX operations. Upon completion, user will have the capability to create/modify output verified 3 axis NC programs for milling machines.

• Manufacturing User Interface
• Machine Coordinate Systems
• Model Concepts for Manufacturing Tools
• Face Milling Visualization of Tool Paths
• Planar Milling Operations
• Z-Level Milling
• IPW and Rest
• Libraries
• Post Processing and Shop Documentation

• NX CAD Fundamentals (TR10200) OR NX for Experienced CAD Users (TR10300)
• Knowledge of manual NC/CNC programming methods and machinery
• Thorough understanding of NC/CNC programming principles

NX Manufacturing Customization (TR20500)

3 Day Class
Become proficient with CAM customization options and automation to significantly decrease time spent creating tool paths. Learn how to add new cutting tools, cutting tool materials, part libraries, acquire new methods to creating new template field files, configure NX output for shop documentation, and automating FBM.

• Machining Methods
• Cutting Tool Libraries
• Machining Data
• Feature Based Machining (FBM)
• Shop Documentation Custom Output
• Integrated Simulation and Verification
• Manufacturing Wizards

• NX Mill Manufacturing Fundamentals (TR20300)

NX Manufacturing Update (TR20550)

2 Day Class
This course provides targeted CAM training for users who are updating their NX CAM software to a newer version. Knowledge of previous NX CAM version is required.

Upon completion, accomplished NC programmers will have the knowledge and skills to use the newest technologies in NX CAM. The pace and topics of this course have been carefully planned specifically for the experienced NC programmer.

Course Topics:
• Manufacturing – General (Dependent on NX latest release)
• Milling
• Turning
• Thread Milling
• Feature Editing
• Feature Based Machining
• Integrated Simulation and Verification
• Synchronous Technology


NX Multi Axis Machining (TR20350)

2 Day Class
If you’re responsible for developing complex 4 and 5 axis programs, this class is for you. Upon completion, accomplished NC programmers will have the capability to create and modify 4 and 5 axis operations for complex machines. Knowledge of NX CAM 3-axis operations is required.

Course Topics:
• 5 axis Z-Level
• Variable Axis Contour Milling
• Profiling Walls with a Variable Tool Axis
• Advanced Non-Cutting Moves
• Wave Geometry Linker in Manufacturing
• Refixturing and the In-Process Workpiece
• Optimize to Drive Methods

• NX Mill Manufacturing Fundamentals (TR20300)

NX Turning Manufacturing Applications (TR20550)

3 Day Class
Gain essential turning training for lathes and mill-turn machine tools. Knowledge of programming lathes and/or mill turns not is not required. After completion, users will have the ability to create and modify turning and mill turn programs.

Course Topics:
• Intro to Turning
• Defining Part and Blank Geometry
• Creating perishable Tooling Requirements
• Facing Operations
• Roughness Operations OD and ID
• Finish Turning OD and ID
• Centerline Drilling Operations
• Threading Operations
• Grooving Operations
• Verification of Operations
• Multiple Spindle Machines
• Posting and Shop Documentation

• NX Mill Manufacturing Fundamentals (TR20300)

NX Post Building Techniques and Machine Simulation (TR20450)

4 Day Class

Get essential post building training for developing NC post processors. Knowledge of NC programming and machine tool techniques is required. Learn to create and modify NC post processors for 2.5 thru 5 axis machines as well as turning and mill turn post processors. Create post driven machine simulation up to 3 axis mills.

Course Topics:

  • Post Builder Interface and File Structure
  • Post Builder Commands
  • Building 3 and 4 Axis Post Processors
  • Building 2-Axis Late Post Processors
  • Building Mill Turn Machining Center Post Processors
  • Modifying Output of Machine Commands & Sequencing
  • Custom Commands
  • Variables, Procedures, Arithmetic Operators, Looping, User Defined Events and Cycles
  • Machine Tool Builder – Creating kinematics for 3 axis mill
  • Machine Tool Simulation Kit File Structure

• NX Mill Manufacturing Fundamentals (TR20300)

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