Material properties and manufacturing processes can be difficult to create and manage due to complex sheet metal components. This inevitably results in avoidable errors and endless rework. The sheet metal design tools within NX enables interaction directly with the model on the screen and provides built-in design intent tailored specifically to the design of the [...]
Synchronous Technology lets designers, engineering simulation analysts, and CAM users make dramatic edits directly on the design geometry without having to know downstream processes. This allows for extensive redesigns in just a couple minutes using simple push and pull editing tools. In this 29-minute webinar replay, Application Engineer Reese Shearer answers the question "What the [...]
Whether you're designing a polished end-product or machinery components, a photorealistic rendering can make or break a presentation. With the drag and drop of a few materials, your CAD model will be runway-ready in a matter or minutes. In this 34-minute webinar replay, Application Engineer Michael Pinto tours the KeyShot interface and how it integrates [...]
Model Based Definition (MBD) is transforming manufacturing by providing a single source of dimensional and tolerance information. Industry leaders are already utilizing the practice to ensure data consistency throughout the product lifecycle. In this 26-minute webinar, Application Engineer Reese Shearer tours the PMI interface in NX, new improvements to the tool, and how it's used [...]
Data reuse realizes the enormous value of your intellectual property—but if it's lost in your company records, it's worthless. In this 24-minute webinar replay, Swoosh Application Engineer and Data Management Guru Sam Estrada demonstrates how to quickly and efficiently locate the file you're looking for using multiple methods. Then, he'll cover how to inspect and [...]
In this webinar replay, Application Engineer David Chiu covers the Progressive Die Wizard within NX, which guides you through the die-making process from design to production. By using intelligent automation and reuse libraries you can reduce your design time by up to 50 percent! Topics covered: Progressive Die Design Automation Flattening and Unforming Blank Layout [...]
Just because you're not an expert doesn't mean you can't test your own design with FloEFD. Making changes late in the process causes expensive rework. Testing your design early lets you evaluate variants, dismiss less desirable options, and create an optimized end product. And yes, there are dummy-proof simulation tools made for designers. In this [...]
Lights, camera, Keyshot! Swoosh Application Engineer and Keyshot Kurbrick Dylan Malek introduces the program's key features. In just a few steps, transform your dull geometry into a photo-realistic rendering that will even fool you. Choose the materials that make up your design then add custom lighting that interacts in a scientifically accurate way with your [...]
Don't use the default! Learn how to create a custom drawing template for your designs. No two companies look alike and neither should your drawing templates. In this 32-minute webinar, Application Engineer Reese Shearer covers how to predefine the look and format of your sheets to be consistent and save time. Then he shows how [...]
10, 11, 12... 1847? The newest release of NX ditches the yearly updates and starts the beginning of the continuous release methodology. As we help our customers configure the update, we know there's a lot of questions about how these periodic downloads will affect your process. In this 63-minute webinar replay, Application Engineer David Chiu [...]
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