Medical device displays re-purposed for space On July 16, 1969, Apollo 11 astronauts were able to read their displays perfectly on both the mother ship "Columbia" and the "Eagle" Moon lander. Both had special lighting that kept the displays of the on-board computer bright, even in diffuse lighting conditions. The electroluminescent lamps developed by Siemens [...]
A review of the process for a new customer to prepare and install an NX license file and license server. In this instance, a two-step process involves a temporary licensing authorization and installation, followed by a permanent license installation. This article addresses a floating license configuration for one or more users. Temporary Licensing Upon the [...]
This step-by-step guide will show you how to install a new Machine Simulator. Note: These instructions work for all NX Releases. A typical machine kit will be in a folder.  You will use the folder itself as well as its contents. Sub-Folders: Cse_driver This is where the Machine Configurator is located Graphics This is where [...]

July 11, 2019


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Keep it simple with digital. For decades, people in Asia and Africa have used auto-rickshaws to navigate the city. They thrived because of their tiny price but that didn't match their carbon footprint. That's where the Swedish company Clean Motion stepped in. Clean Motion is creating mobility for a cleaner future. The Zbee is 100% [...]
In order to upgrade the NX license server, you must have the following: NX 1872 installation media for the proper operating system, OR The Siemens PLM License Server installation program. For NX 1872, the license server installer is 1.2_win64_setup.exe. NX 1872 license file with the correct server information (hostname and Composite ID). Java Runtime Environment [...]
In this video, I will cover a few aspects of the Explode-Render-Animate (ERA) environment in KeyShot. I've had multiple people ask me questions pertaining to ERA recently. That's the environment in Solid Edge where you can make things move around. Of course, we can fly motors and things at the assembly level and animate those [...]
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