A review of the process for a new customer to prepare and install an NX license file and license server. In this instance, a two-step process involves a temporary licensing authorization and installation, followed by a permanent license installation. This article addresses a floating license configuration for one or more users. Temporary Licensing Upon the [...]

July 11, 2019


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Keep it simple with digital. For decades, people in Asia and Africa have used auto-rickshaws to navigate the city. They thrived because of their tiny price but that didn't match their carbon footprint. That's where the Swedish company Clean Motion stepped in. Clean Motion is creating mobility for a cleaner future. The Zbee is 100% [...]
In order to upgrade the NX license server, you must have the following: NX 1872 installation media for the proper operating system, OR The Siemens PLM License Server installation program. For NX 1872, the license server installer is 1.2_win64_setup.exe. NX 1872 license file with the correct server information (hostname and Composite ID). Java Runtime Environment [...]
NX Continuous Release Processes This article reviews the processes and options available in the newest NX “continuous release” version. A fair number of customers still don’t know quite what this means. Let’s eliminate that ambiguity! Until the end of 2018, NX software operated like every other CAD/CAM/CAE application. Covert versions of the software including improvements [...]
Retirement v Living the Legacy: On NX CAD Commands This article attempts to shed light on two designations, or modifiers, attached to NX command names by Siemens… “Legacy” and “to be retired”. It will focus on the CAD side, specifically, those commands involved with Gateway, Modeling, Sketching, Assemblies, and Drafting but generally would apply to [...]
NX License File Basics This article highlights the essential components of an NX license file and a quick overview of what needs to be done once a license file is received from Siemens. Overview Enabling an NX license is a very comprehensive precursor to accessing and using the NX software. Without a license file or [...]

August 28, 2018


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10 CAD Tips to Live By Marginal, at best. This article is merely the ramblings of an old CAD soldier rather than a specifically focused expose’ on the latest NX CAD tips and functionality. I’d like to just lay out some common sense considerations for the benefit of the grass roots users and corporate decision [...]
Populating Title Block Entries in NX On Subsequent Sheets This article enlightens users on a nearly automatic function that saves a LOT of time and insures accuracy! After the fields of a Title Block have all been populated, how do you duplicate that in the Title Blocks on all other sheets in the drawing? Let’s [...]
NX Logging Business NX journals everything, basically, into log files from the moment you click the startup icon to the last confirmation to exit. However, there are two different journal logs that you should be familiar with: NX System Log File License Server Debug Log File NX System Log File The NX System Log File [...]
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