The Car of the Future: Electric Connected and Autonomous

Just over 100 years ago, Henry Ford disrupted the auto industry of the time with the introduction of the mass production moving assembly line. To say that the auto industry is again in flux is almost cliché. Several technology and business transformation trends are in play, signaling substantial long-term changes. Although still in early stages, their confluence is already having a profound effect on automotive companies and the future of the mobility landscape as a whole

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“20% of drivers want an electric vehicle and will likely choose an EV for their next vehicle...however, limited travel range of today's electric vehicle and their high purchase cost erect tall barriers on the road to broad adoption."

Autonomous Driving

“The ability to capitalize on the early waves of commercialization and consumer adoption and the accompanying boost to the brand continue to drive massive investments in R&D by both automotive companies and outside investors."


“Connectivity is becoming an important factor in car buying decision...48% of car buyers prioritize in vehicle technology over more traditional considerations such as brand name, body style and performance." 

Globalization and Personalization

“Automakers rush to implement new performance, comfort and safety features...but one thing is abundantly clear: electronics and software and defining the competitive battleground of the future." 

Complexity Outpacing Capabilities

“Modern vehicle control systems are no longer just a limited number of loosely-coupled subsystems with simple interfaces. Nowadays, embedded control and user interface software govern practically all aspects of both vehicle operation and driver experience."

A New Era of PLM

“Automakers use product development methods that have been honed for decades. They have optimized supply chain operations and lean practices perhaps more than any other industry, and, over time, became accustomed to a certain cadence of product development, manufacturing and product introduction."

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