Top 7 Tips to increase engineering productivity

How can you increase engineering productivity? Do you continue to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different outcome?

Surveys conducted by multiple industry analysts and CAE vendors suggest companies identified as most successful in their markets assess performance of their designs early during the design process. Interestingly, testing a design only at the prototype stage has proven to be a rather costly task as it potentially leads to project milestones being missed, extra rounds of testing and having to work long hours among many other issues.

In this whitepaper, learn the top 7 tips for efficient engineering productivity by leveraging the power of frontloading CFD.

What should I expect to learn about frontloading CFD?

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Tip 1

Simulate early, simulate often.

“The cost of each engineering change increases with each step from concept to production.”

Tip 2

Reduce prototypes.

“Engineers need to keep in step with the speed of design changes.”

Tip 3

Leveraging CFD.

“Successful implementation is the key to reaping benefits of frontloading CFD.”

Tip 4

Select the solution that fits into your existing processes.

“CAD-embedded CFD makes it possible to determine simulation results nearly as fast as you can change the design..”

Tip 5

Shorten simulation time with the right tool.

“You can show the finished design to your customer complete with how it looks and works in just one day. That’s a savings of 3 weeks and thousands of dollars for each model.”

Tip 6

Assess problems, check design variants.

“Get the design right the first time without having to ever make more than one prototype.”

Tip 7

Ensure productivity gains.

“All design engineers need access to the right tools at the right stage of design to ensure productivity gains along the entire engineering process.”

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