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How Callaway Golf Uses Siemens Digital Industry Software to Drive Innovation

Callaway’s exceptional products have helped golfers play more efficiently on the green and is the go-to brand for many amateur and pro golfers today. Focused on improving the design and functionality of their golf clubs, the company invested in their engineering team to ensure quality products and found effective solutions to accelerate the rate of new product releases - all while speeding up the design process.

Lighter. Faster. Innovation.

Callaway has significantly upgraded its clubs by using multiple materials to get an advantage in where the weight is placed in the head. And the newest frontier is to allow that weight placement to be adjusted to suit the swing type of any golfer.

The engineers accomplish this by starting with a master model of a golf club and then adding features, enabling them to load in the industrial design relatively late in the process so they don’t have too many relationships fighting with each other at the same time.

“Siemens PLM Software lets us design at a much more precise level, which helps us communicate that precision with our suppliers more accurately. It also allows us to relate our simulation data to the CAD models, our prototyping data and even our test data.”

Alex Hocknell, Senior VP, R&D

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Designed for the Toughest Stage on Earth

Despite growing complexity, Callaway Golf is prospering as an industry pioneer. Callaway pushes hard in design, prototyping and testing to design right up to the limits of the rules, trying to stretch and optimize what’s allowable in the form of a golf club head.

Callaway golf clubs are known for being easy to hit. Most golfers see that as an advantage: to create distance with straightness and control so you can score a little better.

“Our clubs are also used on the toughest stage on earth, the PGA Tour,” says Hocknell. “We need to design to their demands as well. That harsher environment is a really great testing ground for our clubs. We think we do a good job of designing for the entire golf market.”


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