How to Control Colors in a Part Family

March 12, 2024


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How to Control Colors in a Part Family



  • Do you have products/components that are identical except for their color?
  • An example may be a Magic Stick toy where they are the same shape just different colors. The Magic Stick will be used for this illustration.


  • To accomplish this, you can manage the color of the model using Group Face features and Assign Feature Color to each feature. Then create a part family defined by colors.

Prerequisite Information:

  • NX License Bundle(s) that support this Feature:
  • NX Mach 1 and up.

NX Option and Version:

  • Group Face added in NX 2206
  • Part Families with Embedded Spreadsheet added in NX 1926

After you have finished modeling the “Magic Stick“, apply the different colors to the model using Group Face feature and Assign Feature Color. Below is a video showing the following steps.

1. Under Synchronous Modeling, create a Group Face feature using the Body Faces Selection Group.










2. Rename the Group Face feature to “Green” in the Part Navigator.


3. Right-click on the feature and Assign Feature Color to the “Green” Group Face.












4. Specify the Face Color and choose OK.












5. Copy the Group Face feature.
















6. Paste the Group Face feature.
















7. Rename the copied Group Face feature to “Blue”.

8. Repeat steps 3-6 for each color needed.

9. Save the model.










Here is the video for applying the different colors to the model using Group Face feature and Assign Feature Color.  Create Group Face and Assign Feature Color






Next create the Part Family with the different colors. Below is a video showing the following steps.










1. Choose Part Families under the Tools ribbon bar.












2. Modify the location of the Family Save Directory under Settings. This step is not in the video below.

















3. Select Create Party Family icon.












4. Change the Available Columns to Features and highlight the Group Face features to select Add to End.











5. Edit the entries in the spreadsheet. Add the filenames and edit the color columns as needed. Add a row for each color.


6. Highlight a row and choose Apply Values icon to apply the current defined values to the part. This is a good way to check the colors of the part family.


7. Highlight all the rows and choose Create Parts. Part Family files will be created in the specified Family Save Directory under Settings.


8. Choose Save Family icon and then select OK. Then save the part file.



Here is the video creating a Part Family of a component for different colors.

Create Part Family With Feature Colors












Once you have the part family created, you can add them to an assembly. If a part family is selected when adding a component, you will see the following dialog. You can choose the desired Matching Member to add as a component to the assembly.











You can see the unique part family files in the assembly.











As you can see from the procedures discussed in this article, it is easy to define color to a Part Family using Group Faces/Assign Feature Color in the modeling application and to add part family components to an assembly.


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