NX University Fall 2023

NX University Fall 2023


Hosted by Swoosh Technologies, NX University 2023 was a half-day well spent on learning and further leveraging Siemens NX CAD and NX CAM. This event covered topics such as the latest features in NX, hacks to save time, and so much more.

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  • Welcome & General Session
  • What’s New in NX Design – Witness the latest features and enhancements in NX CAD and how they will take your design process to the next level.
  • What’s New in NX Manufacturing – Get the MAX out of NX CAM as Swoosh NX-pert John shares the latest software enhancements and features in this crowd favorite session. Topics include Turn Milling, Adaptive 3D Roughing & more.
  • MBD & PMI – NX-pert Michael demonstrates the tangible, bottom-line benefits of PMI and Model-Based Definition, including shortened design and decision cycles and increased product quality.
  • Hidden Gems in NX CAD – From roles to bookmarks, this session will demonstrate our application engineer Michael’s favorite software time-savers, tips & tricks.
  • Hidden Gems in NX CAM – From turning to milling, this session will demonstrate our application engineer John’s favorite software time-savers, tips & tricks.
  • Routing – Learn to create connection & component lists, qualify parts for use in routing assemblies, place parts in wiring assemblies, and assign components & connectors.
  • Machining Knowledge Configurator – Learn about some of the best hands-on tips and tricks for roughing, turning, and more within NX CAM.
  • NX Sketcher – Learn about some of the best hands-on tips and tricks for roughing, turning, and more within NX CAM.
  • Measure Command – Learn how you can analyze and document various geometric properties of your designs using multiple functions within the NX Measure command.
  • Advanced Assemblies – A must for anyone working with assemblies consisting of thousands of parts, ​this session will explore the use of component filters to control the context in a massive assembly.

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NX University Testimonials

I genuinely enjoyed the NXU 2023

With the ability to see and exchange ideas and experiences about recent technology and software improvements, including options to attend hands-on sessions.

Swoosh Nx University is...

Swoosh Nx University is the best yearly training, I learn great tips and tricks that help me through the year along with the latest and greatest things NX has to offer.

I look forward to the next NX University!

Swoosh is by far the greatest!

At first I was a little skeptical about spending 5hrs for NX University, as my company is paying me to attend. My fear was that I wouldn’t get much information that would apply directly to us. Having that said, after attending the class and watching both classroom breakouts. I can easily say, the measly 5hrs spent attending, saved more than 5hrs when it comes to real time applications in the next year. The fact that Swoosh’s training is “Process-Based Training” is simply outstanding. Every time I get the privilege to do business with Swoosh whether its NX University, one of the many classes I’ve attended, a support ticket, or even simply a “contact our team”. ...

You did a great job!

You did a great job, it was very professional and seamless. The problem for me was relevance.

Thank you!

It is great information and getting more details is helpful.

In the future, is there a way to add open/closed caption?

Thank You!

Thank you for the Gift Card! And even I got new knowledge.

The sessions are great to

The sessions are great to see what is new and exciting in the latest NX releases.

The sessions are great to

Swoosh Technologies was able to demonstrate the immense capabilities of Siemens NX while still making the software’s learning curve approachable.
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I'm the Marketing Manager here at Swoosh Tech and I have over 15+ years in marketing with 6.5 years dedicating my time to the Siemens Design & Manufacturing industry. I possess ample knowledge of the Siemens Design & Manufacturing industry and consistently strive to create and execute effective marketing strategies. I believe that my dedication and skill set are valuable assets in my role, as they allow me to effectively facilitate the digital transformation of Siemens Digital Industries Solutions.

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