Solid Edge Wiring Design Overview

Solid Edge Wiring Design Overview

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On my previous blog covered how Wiring Design Workflow for Solid Edge. For those who missed it click here to review. I did not go into the details of importing the files and reviewing the Database. Today we are going to cover the Solid Edge Wire Design overview and how you can download files from the web portal to your local DB.

At present, users need to manually create library parts and symbols by referring to the websites of part manufacturers or part distributors. This manual creation and maintenance process involves a lot of time and effort. The embedded library portal will greatly reduce this manual effort. Access to thousands of ready-to-import parts from various vendors.  Users can import and load new parts into the design with a single click.


  • Summary of the Library Portal
  • Downloading 2D Part and Symbol Content
  • Review Downloaded Electrical Parts and Symbols
  • Add a new connector and replace the old one.

1. The example we will cover today is to replace the following connector with a new one from the portal.

2. To begin on the Parts tabs lets search for the following number, notice the part was not found in the DB.

4. Green Circle indicating your account is active Click to launch >

5. The web browser opens open the library portal site. Here you can enter the part number and use the filter options if you like.

6. Browse for the parts that match the design features.

7. Review the 3D model and expand the electrical connections.

8. Once you have determined the correct file, click on (send to solid edge electrical parts) to download it to the DB.

9. Review the import options for example on the configure import, if you wish to change the Internal part number. Click on Proceed and close.

10. Now let’s confirm the downloaded file from the DB.

11. First go to the Solid Edge TAB and launch the Electrical parts. When the application has opened double-click on components maintenance.


12. Enter the internal part number, notice when you start entering the first numbers the system gives you a preview of any number that starts with.

13. At this point, you may select the file in the preview or complete the entry.

14. You can now review the component details tab.

15. Close when done.

16. Now let’s use that new part in the design, go back to your design.

17. Select the existing connector then (alt-enter) this will take you to the Properties.

18. Notice the existing connector part (C-71483) from the library.

19. Replace the exsiting one with a new part and select the (x)

20. Click on the (Add) command. In some cases, there is no need for filters. Remove the following filters.

21. Enter the new downloaded part number and notice again you get a preview of a matching number. Select and enter or click on the search button.

22. Select the new part and click on insert, there it prompts you for the maps pins to confirm from the part library.

23. Click ok to finish

24. Review the new part number that was replaced with the existing one.

25. Click OK

26. From the parts tab, let’s search for the same part number, and enter the 1600. Notice preview of the number is shown.

27. Select the number from the list and double-click to place the design area.

28. Finally place by keying (p) pins in chosen orientation location.

You have now completed the process, of downloading a part from the web portal and replacing it with an existing connector.

Thank you for choosing Swoosh technologies, as a resource for CAD knowledge and solutions.

Post by Manny Marquez

Manny's knowledge spans over 16+ years working in the CAD VAR industry in Pre-Sales and Post-Sales. Evaluating design processes to identify CAD/ECAD solutions, developing and delivering technical demos for design solutions, and implementing the support of NX and Solid Edge is Manny's mantra. He is also a master of design workflows of product functions to determine optimal part modeling processes along with the use of synchronous technology and parametric modeling methods.

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