Column Configuration ONT in NX Continuous Release

Column Configuration ONT in NX Continuous Release


The Operation Navigator in NX CAM has been rebased to the new navigator framework, allowing the implementation of some unique features while at the same time updating existing functionality. With NX Continuous Release a new version of the ONT, otherwise known as Operation Navigator, is now used. Configuration of the columns requires a different workflow.

  • Column Configuration – Upon “Right-Clicking” on the top Column Navigator in the ONT, select Column Configuration → Configure Columns to launch the Configure columns dialog.
  • It is important to note that the “System” level configurations are “Read-Only” and cannot be changed. You can create your own “User” level setting to capture the column configuration of your choosing. Additionally, a custom configuration can be created for each “View” of the Operation Navigator, or one configuration can be reused for multiple views. Example below.
  • Create a “User Level” configuration – With the Configure columns dialog active, select the “New” icon (4).
  • The New Column Configuration dialog will appear. Enter a name and description (5) for your new configuration and click OK (6).
  • You will see your new configuration is now listed under Saved Configurations (7) and is Active as indicated by the check mark (8).
  • We can now Hide/Show various columns in the Column Configuration table and/or Add/Remove columns from the Candidate Columns table. For this example, I will make a pragmatic configuration including Tool Number, Tool, Tool Change, and Tool Description columns (8). Once done making my edits Save the active configuration by clicking the Save icon (10) and the OK (11).
  • The configuration of the columns is now updated for the ONT View that was active when I entered the Configure Columns dialog (12). When changing to a different view of the Operation Navigator, such as the Machine Tool View, you will notice the columns are not changed. To apply the same changes to another view simply right click on the column headers → Column Configuration → select the desire configuration, Swoosh_tooling in this example.
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