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Compare Objects


Have you ever had a situation where you thought you had an operation set exactly like you had in another manufacturing part file, but didn’t get the results you were expecting, and you just can’t pinpoint what setting in your operation that is different? Well now you can use the Compare Objects tool inside of NX CAM.

Introduced in NX 1953, the compare object function allows you to compare the parameters of two objects of the same type. The objects that you can compare can be in the file you are working on, or in a completely different part file. Operations, Program groups, Tools, Geometries, and Method are the object types that can be used. Now let me show you how this works.

I have 2 files open that are similar but are different dimensionally. As you can see in the first part file tool does a direct transfer from hole to hole. In the second part, the tool retracts to the clearance plane between the holes. Now if I open the Compare objects tool (MENU>TOOLS>COMPARE OBJECTS) and expand the operations group, you will see the list of operations objects in the work part. When I select the Spot Drilling operation you will see the other operations listed in the Compare With section of the dialog. To access the operations of my other part file, select the drop down and pick the file you want to compare with. In this case I will select the Compare2 file. The list of operations is displayed. Now after I highlight the Spot Drilling operation of Compare2, click the Eye at the bottom right of the dialog and the differences in the operation are displayed. The Feed Rates, the between features transfer type and the tool output numbers are the differences in these operations. You can only change the change the settings here if you are in the work part and then regenerate the operation after you OK the Compare Object dialog. Changing any settings on the Compare With side will not change in the operation.

Let’s look at a few other objects. First, let’s see if there are any differences in the spot drill tool we are using for both parts. Open the Compare objects command, expand the tools category, select this spot drill tool, Change the compare with drop down to look at the Compare2 file, select the EYE to display the differences. Now you’ll see that the tool length, Catalog and Library references are different.

One more example, Let’s check the program groups. Highlight Program on the work part side, then highlight Program on the Compare With side. It appears that I have an operator message start event message in one program group and not the other.

Hopefully you find this Compare objects function as useful as I do, thanks for watching!

Post by Ron Barnthouse

Hello. My name is Ron Barnthouse, NX CAM Application Engineer at Swoosh Technologies. I have a diverse background in the tooling and machining world that extends to the Aerospace, Automotive, and the Mold & Die Industries. After the first 14 years of working on the shop floor and completing a state certified Machinist Apprenticeship, I jumped into the engineering space and developed a knack for CAD/CAM software and has been working as a NX CAM Programmer for the last 15 years. Solving customer issues and helping develop the next generation of NX CAM programmers gives me a great deal of satisfaction in this role.

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