Overview: Goal Seek Command

Overview: Goal Seek Command

The Goal Seek command automates engineering calculations to achieve a specific design goal. It operates on driven and driving formulas, variables, and dimensions attached to 2D and 3D geometry.

Goal seeking finds a specific value for a dependent variable (dependent by formula, for example) by adjusting the value of another variable until it returns the result you want. It shows you the effect on the geometry, and it updates the Variable Table with the new value.


You can use goal seeking to find the best solution to a what-if problem and use it to update:

  • A variable or dimension that controls 2D geometry on a drawing.
  • A variable or dimension on a profile sketch that controls changes to an ordered body in a part, sheet metal, or assembly model.
  • A physical property or PMI dimension that controls changes to a synchronous body in a part, sheet metal, or assembly model.


From a drawing or ordered sketch, you can:

  • Use the Goal Seek command along with the Area command to find the appropriate dimensions for geometry given a desired maximum area.
  • Use the Goal Seek command to calculate the amount of force being applied at a point, given the lengths, weights, and dimensions of other elements in the design.


From an assembly model or a synchronous part or sheet metal model displayed in the graphics window, you can use the Goal Seek command to:

  • Find the center of mass on a bicycle to determine the required angle for the kick stand.
  • Reduce the weight of a part by changing the size of the holes cut into it.
  • Find a volume by changing the size of the container

Goal seeking It is used primarily in what-if scenarios to adjust the design to match a specific value. Goal seeking changes the value of a single variable until the target value for the dependent goal variable is found

Post by Manny Marquez

Manny's knowledge spans over 16+ years working in the CAD VAR industry in Pre-Sales and Post-Sales. Evaluating design processes to identify CAD/ECAD solutions, developing and delivering technical demos for design solutions, and implementing the support of NX and Solid Edge is Manny's mantra. He is also a master of design workflows of product functions to determine optimal part modeling processes along with the use of synchronous technology and parametric modeling methods.

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